Thursday, April 7, 2016

A New Adventure

It all started during my pregnancy with Jack. I so desperately wanted to feel cute, even though I felt so very puffy and swollen. None of my clothes fit me right, and it killed me to spend too much money on maternity clothes since I knew that I would only wear it for a few more months and then never again. I could only make myself feel cuter by dolling myself up with accessories and praying that it would distract from all the puffiness. Buying accessories felt like a better use of my money since I could still wear it even after this giant baby got out of me.

I wear Stella & Dot jewelry a lot. It suits me because I can buy one necklace and through what seems like magic I can wear that one necklace like 5 different ways by just unhooking something or flipping something over or waving a magic wand as I like to pretend to do. I like having one necklace that can change colors and I can make it long or short, delicate or chunky, blingy or dressed down. I'm kind of low maintenance when it comes to getting ready so this is totally my speed. Plus over half of their line is under fifty dollars so YAY FOR NOT SPENDING ALL OF THE MONEY.

When my birthday came around, and I asked for Stella & Dot gift cards for my birthday. Then, I hosted a trunk show and between my hostess rewards and gift cards, I ended up getting like $600 worth of jewelry for like $50. Seriously. I WEAR IT ALL THE TIME.


And then people kept stopping me and asking me where I got everything I was wearing. And then after like 5 months of this I realized that I loved this jewelry enough (and wanted more of it!) to realize that I should sell it. So I am.



I promise y'all that this blog isn't going to be 8 posts a week about this... I still will come here to write and do red carpet recaps and share funny things I find. This blog is my creative outlet and it will continue to be that. But this seemed like the best way to announce that I've started my own business and I'm really excited about it! I woke up today feeling super happy and motivated and I put on a bra almost immediately after waking up and that's saying something.

Here's a few pics, in case you're unfamiliar with the brand:

See that bag right there in the bottom right corner? That's on it's way to my house. Also, it's reversible.  Plain navy on the inside.


The pendant from the necklace in pic #6 can detach and hook onto the center of the clutch in pic #8. I'm obsessed. 

I'm just really excited :) Like I said, this blog will soon return to its regularly scheduled programming, but I just wanted to let y'all know about my new little adventure over here! If you see something you like, let me know or click here to see more pretty, happy things! :)

Happy Thursday, sweet friends <3

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