Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Beautiful Arms

Good morning and happy April!

Thank you all for your sweet comments about the wedding video, I am glad I could share that with all of you, my precious friends!

It has been a lovely few days! This weekend included: Olive Garden, breadsticks, and alfredo dipping sauce, relaxing day with my Katie, 2 loads of laundry, lots of naps, my husband buying a KAYAK, my husband strapping this kayak to the top of my HONDA ACCORD, my husband and Mo not returning from Academy until after 10:00 at night, Sunday school, walking my dog three times, and lots and lots of cleaning!

So yes, my husband bought a kayak. I was actually kinda excited about this purchase because Grant and I went on a kayaking trip on our honeymoon. We went at 10:00 at night and kayaked through the Atlantic Ocean into this lagoon. What was SO COOL though, was that the plankton in this lagoon would light up, so when you dipped your oar in the water, or even if you ran your hands through it, these neon lights would start glowing. It was absolutely incredible! This is a picture I got off of a travel site to kinda give you an idea of what happens:

Although, I think I was annoying Grant the whole time we were in this kayak cause I kept singing the song "Kiss the Girl" from the Little Mermaid. ("Yes..... you see her. Floating-in-a-blue -lagoon"). Good song. It was very romantic and one of the coolest things I've ever done. I probably tolerated it a little more though because it was night and it wasn't hot!

Anyhoo, the kayak we now own is not going into glowing waters, but probably more like the LSU Lakes. :) It is quite funny to see that thing strapped onto my Honda. Cause ya'll know I am SO outdoors-y!

I hope to post pictures of our many kayaking adventures. I am hoping that these pictures are not limited to the kayak in our garage, sitting there month after month! Katie & Mo also have a kayak, and Katie was convincing me that we should take the kayaks out by ourselves, because, as she puts it, "Oh my gosh Jen, we'll have such beautiful arms!". Indeed.


  1. Jen! You won't believe this but hubby has a Kayak too! He loves to take it out with his buddy and do their thang. He keeps threatening to get me one. I would love it, but must have new floors first. Gotta get my priorities straight.
    Love ya!

  2. Looking forward to hearing about all of your kayaking adventures. I have no doubt y'all will have some interesting stories to share!