Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Katie & Mo

So, as of today, Grant and I have been married for 10 months. (Woohoo!) And as of today, I have been living in Baton Rouge for just under 10 months. Baton Rouge is actually a cool city and we have met wonderful people here. I have to say though, I still get homesick and I miss my Texas alot. (How could you NOT miss Texas??). However, the Lord's most recent blessing in mine and Grant's life came in the form of a wonderful couple: Mo & Katie.

Mo & Katie go to our church, and they are in our Newlywed Sunday School class. They were married in February of 2006, and they are wonderful! They met while they were both living in St. Croix with their families back in highschool. (How cute is that!?) Mo's real name is Morris but he is Morris III and everyone calls him Mo. Sometimes I call him Moses. :)

Katie and I became super close over Gmail, believe it or not. Since we are in the same Sunday school class, we are on the same email list. For those of you who have gmail, you know that when someone in your address list is online, it tells you. There is a Gmail chat feature that is sorta like instant messaging, and basically, while we are both at work, we talk on gmail. the. whole. day. long. After weeks and weeks of talking on gmail and seeing each other at church, we decided we should get our hubbies together and we should all be b.f.f.

This is why we like Mo & Katie: They watch The Office as religiously as we do. They don't mind driving all the way out to the far far end of Baton Rouge to hang out with us. They make us laugh. One time I was at work, talking to Katie on gmail, and she typed: "Jen, I have a really really personal question to ask you. And if you don't feel comfortable answering it, I understand." I took a deep breath and typed: "It's okay, you can ask me anything".... There was a long pause and then she finally typed: "Did you like Hanson? And if you did, do you still?" I was rolling. She is so funny and we enjoy them so much! Also, Mo & Grant agree that rather than spending money on drapes and window treatments, we should put sheets of aluminum foil in our windows. Katie and I adamently disagree.

They have been a huge huge blessing in our lives and I just wanted to give the official blog shout out to our new friends!!

Here is Katie & Mo in the massage chairs at Brookstone in the mall.

Here is when I kicked Mo out of the massage chair.

We love you guys!!
Oh, by the way! I convinced Katie to get a blog!! Go say hi!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Ode to Healthy Eating

Oh, health food
How conflicted I am
How confused

You are better for me
Yet, you taste so awful

how reduced fat nilla wafers
taste like cardboard
they are not sweet

how real nilla wafers
taste like a box of sunshine

Macaroni and Cheese
is comfort
so yummy
so perfectly cheesy
and yet
the skinny people
tell me you are evil
I do not believe it
I will never leave your side
I've got the blue box blues

Popcorn with no butter
Who wants you?
You are dry
You have no flavor
You are incomplete

Last night
I had a turkey sandwich
on whole wheat bread
with a cup of fat free yogurt
I finished it
And I was still starving

Why healthy food? Why?

If your are so good for me

Why don't you taste good?

Saturday, October 27, 2007


What a cozy little weekend it has been! Last night we went to dinner and a movie with Mo & Katie. We ate at Logan's Roadhouse (ya'll, it is impossible to go there without scarfing down about 6 of those yummy rolls) and then we went to see "Dan in Real Life". We LOVED this movie!! I highly recommend it. It is funny and heartwarming and it is just good altogether! However, if you are a mega fan of "The Office", it is kinda hard to watch Steve Carell without thinking of him as Michael Scott. Other than that, it is a great movie!

This morning we slept in (Praise Jesus!) and then we met Mo & Katie at Chick-fil-A. Grant and Mo went to the gun range to shoot things. Katie and I went to Target. Katie and I had a MUCH better time, I promise you! And it was Katie's 2nd Target trip of the day! I bought oodles and oodles of make-up. Perhaps I should put my oodles of make-up in a caboodle! :) Haha, remember caboodles, girls?

This afternoon, after my trip to the happy place, Grant went to play golf and I came home, walked the dog in this GORGEOUS fall weather, and then I watched movies on the Hallmark channel, while my Moxie was sleeping right next to me. It was wonderful!! AND my dad sent us a package! I got this big tin of popcorn from the Popcorn Factory, full of popcorn (obviously) candy corn, chocolate cookies, and all that fun stuff! And the label said "This is for Jen, Grant can not have any. Love, Dad". :) Daddy is funny like that. I have been munching on the cheesy popcorn all evening.

When Grant came home he cooked us some dinner. He made steaks, corn on the cob, and green beans. Now, all of my besties know that Jen never eats anything green. BUT, I am trying to be more health conscious and I realize that I can plug my nose and get through a side item of vegetables. I ate the green beans! I just pretended it was cheesecake. A really, really, disgusting cheesecake.

Annnnnd Grant just beat me in a game of Scrabble. Even though I got 38 points with the word "Oxygen", he still beat me. HOW DO YOU BEAT OXYGEN!? That's okay though. Because he was the winner, he is now playing Halo 3 on the Xbox. I really wanted to come do a little blogging! So he can play that Xbox all he wants!

Anyhoo, I am just feeling really happy and thankful for this very relaxing weekend that the Lord has given to us! This morning, Grant and I were awake but still in bed (at 9:00!!) and we were cuddling and I said "I think this is why God made Saturdays". He just laughed at me!! :)

Thank you Lord, for the simplest of blessings! Oh, and I hope ya'll like the new layout :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Little of This, A Little of That...

Hi dear friends! It has been beautiful, gorgeous, perfect weather these past few days. It is not too cold, yet I can wear my new jacket. PERFECT!! God has been very generous with His beautiful weather!

Speaking of a new jacket, has anyone else been to that store Steve & Barry's? Over the weekend I was in Houston and went to see the Sarah Jessica Parker line. Bless that woman. She made an entire line of clothing that is not over $20.00! NOTHING! There was this fabulous black and white coat for $18! I got this precious black quilted jacket for $14.98. I am so thankful for Sarah Jessica Parker. I recently found out that there is a Steve & Barry's here in Baton Rouge as well. I think I will do alot of Christmas shopping there.

Okay, so my goal is to buy atleast 5 Christmas presents this weekend. I learned from my sister Jaclyn that it is much better to spend alot of money on Christmas presents over the course of several months than wait until December 10 and spend $1000 all at once!! Spread it out over several paychecks!!

So I had a wonderful time in Texas. You can go to my sister, Jaclyn's blog, and see some precious pictures of us with her Grace Parker at the punkin patch! I love being Aunt Jenny! Now if I can only see my twins sometime soon I will be in Aunt heaven!

So tonight we are going to our couples Bible study, and I think this weekend I want to go see that new Steve Carell movie "Dan in Real Life". It looks cute. Has anyone heard anything about it?

Last night me and Grant took the dog out for a walk. It was crisp and I put on my Texas A&M sweatshirt, and Grant was wearing a beanie. I think he was going a little far. We are not skiing! :) It was beautiful, we walked around the pond and the moon was full. I love walks with my husband. We have the best conversations. The Lord has blessed me beyond belief!

Alrighty ladies, have a wonderful wonderful Thursday!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cease Striving

This Sunday, while in Texas, I got to visit my "home church", Cypress Bible Church. I grew up in this church. You have no idea how literally I mean that. I was there. All. the. Time. It is very much like a home to me, and it was wonderful to be back!

Also, we've all heard Psalm 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God". But have you ever heard the words used in the NASB translation? NASB says "Cease striving, and know that I am God". I LOVE THAT. It took on a whole new meaning for me. HE is God. We don't have to try to be. We don't have to do everything. Pastor Dave talked about a time in his life when he said that he was "subconsciously trying to be the Messiah". He meant that he was trying to save the world and do it all on his own. He read a "letter" he received from God: "Dear Dave, thank you for your offer to control and run the universe. I've got it, thanks. Really. I've got it. Love, God". I loved that.

Anyways, while we were worshipping, we sang the hymn, "Praise to the Lord the Almighty". I have sung this song umpteen times. But again, something clicked with me this Sunday. The words are SO beautiful and SO true:

Praise to the Lord, The Almighty, the King of creation!
O my soul, praise Him, For He is thy health and salvation!
All ye who hear, Now to His temple draw near;
Praise Him in glad adoration.

Praise to the Lord,Who over all things so wondrously reigneth,
Shelters thee under His wings,Yea, so gently sustaineth!
Hast thou not seen how all your longings have been
Granted in what He ordaineth?

Praise to the Lord, Who doth prosper thy work and defend thee;
Surely His goodness and mercy here daily attend thee.
Ponder anew what the Almighty can do,
If with His love He befriend thee.

Praise to the Lord, O let all that is in me adore Him!
All that hath life and breath come now with praises before Him.
Let the Amen sound from His people again,
Gladly for aye we adore Him.

That third verse really gets to me. He prospers my work. He defends me. His goodness and mercy daily attend me. And just THINK of what He CAN DO!! I am a worrier, and that verse just comforts me from head to toe. Love it! They wrote some good words back in the 17th century ya'll!

I feel a rejuvenation in my spirit. The Lord has given me the motivation and will power to make a change this week. I pray that He speaks to you this week the same way He has spoken to me!

Love you ladies!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

In Sickness and In Health

The above picture was taken on my wedding day (clearly). But I want you to look at is the background of the picture. Look at the large bottle of gingerale. Look at the small bottle of hand sanitizer. See the way I am reclined, slouching, in my chair as I waited for 6:00 to finally arrive. Now listen to my story.....

We got home from the rehearsal dinner quite late on Friday night. Jaclyn, my sweet sister was 4 or 5 months pregnant with Grace. (Who is now almost 6 months old!). Jaclyn laid on Mom and Dad's couch... she wasn't feeling well. I was so sad for her. She went on up to bed, but as I was getting ready for bed, I heard her in the bathroom. She was throwing up alot, over and over again. I started praying "Lord, please let Jaclyn feel better, and protect her baby too". I got dressed, and went to bed, realizing this was my last time to fall asleep as a single woman.

I went through all the things I needed to do tomorrow morning. I needed to finish packing, since the Best Man was going to come to my house and pick up the suitcase so Grant could go ahead and take it to the hotel and check in. I needed to get a few boxes of things to the reception hall. And I needed to be at the hair place by 11:00, as I had so clearly told my girls. I was exhausted and really wanted to get to bed so I would feel rested on my wedding day.

About 1:00am, my stomach started feeling weird. "Nerves", I thought. By this time I had heard Jaclyn running into our bathroom about 20 times, and I thought "I'm just feeling sympathy pains for her, this is all in my head". However, at about 1:30, I was up and running. Thankfully, I made it to the toilet in time. (Nice image there for ya). I remember thinking "Oh, sweet Jesus, you do remember that it is my wedding day, right?". I heard footsteps outside in the hallway and then a knock on the door. It was my mom. "Sweety, are you okay?". She opened the door, expecting to see Jaclyn, and there I was crying and just a hot mess altogether. My sweet mom, hugged me, told me we were gonna get through this.

She walked downstairs and said to my dad, "Jack, it's not just Jaclyn, it's Jenny too". My dad replied "Me too". It was at this moment that we realized that my wedding day was clearly not going to go exactly as planned.

Mom, Dad, me, and Jaclyn were all sick with a virus. And it was spreading. I truly believe that by the power of prayer, I stopped throwing up at 7:30am. I was still feeling nauseous, but I was not feeling so awful. Mom, Dad, and Jaclyn, followed by her husband Jeremy were pretty sick the whole day.

Our friend Penny had a friend who was going through chemotherapy. She very generously donated some pills she takes to help with nausea. I remember sitting in that chair you see in that picture, chugging gingerale, and being told by the sweet wedding coordinator that she had places some buckets in the first pew for my parents if anyone should need them. Nice.
But, we did it. We all made it down the aisle. Jaclyn had to sit down in a pew halfway through the ceremony. But I would much rather her sit down than fall down!!

By the end of it all, we counted THIRTY-FOUR people that got sick. Our whole family, several members of the wedding party, a groomsmen ended up in the hospital for dehydration since he was throwing up so much.

It's so funny though, cause when you look at the pictures, you would never know. There was a very short moment when I thought, "I have been planning this perfectly for over a year. Why would God do this?"

I think it was to show me that things are not MY plan, they are HIS. And in spite of it all, my wedding day was perfect. It was beautiful. And even though my family sat at the reception the majority of the time, they had a great time. My mom's fever broke around 9:00 at the reception and she really perked up. Now, that we look back on it, it's quite funny!

Anyways, that is the story of my wedding day. Praise Jesus we didn't have to use the buckets!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Heading to Texas

Friday is here! AND.... tonight we're going to TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be still my heart.

It's gonna be a short trip. You see, my dear friend Laura is getting married next month, and I am a bridesmaid. This weekend is one of her showers, and I haven't been able to make alot of things for her wedding since I am in Louisiana, but I really wanted to come to a shower! So we will get there late tonight, and tomorrow morning is the shower (at my mom's house). I'm really excited for Grant because he gets to play golf with some of his old college buddies. He hasn't seen them in a really long time and he is so happy!

Anyways, we are gonna try to get out as early as possible. It's a 5 hour drive and if we leave too late we don't get there till midnightish.

Love to all!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I'm feeling a little bit convicted. I've been getting a soft whisper that has turned into a firm statement in my ear all day from our Lord. He clearly is trying to drive a point home. I hear you Jesus, I hear you!!

When I was on my way to the office this morning, I got myself all worked up. I was driving and thinking about something that someone did recently that offended me. Who and what does not matter, but I was fuming. The longer I drove the more my internal dialogue was saying "How dare you!" and getting myself all into a tizzy. This person's actions was upsetting to me and I was thinking of all the things I would say if I could let loose. I would confront this person, quote scripture, and prove that I was right, and they were wrong.

I walked into the office and checked my email. I have mentioned before that I am a subscriber to Oak Hills Devotionals. Oak Hills is Max Lucado's church, and he sends out daily devotionals every morning. It's sitting right there in your inbox, waiting to tell you something. Ironically enough, here's what Pastor Max shared with me today:

Do not try to punish others when they wrong you, but wait for God to punish them with his anger. -ROMANS 12:19

Have you ever noticed in the western movies how the bounty hunter travels alone? It's not hard to see why. Who wants to hang out with a guy who settles scores for a living? Who wants to risk getting on his bad side? More than once I've heard a person spew his anger. He thought I was listening, when really I was thinking, "I hope I never get on his list". Cantankerous sorts, these bounty hunters. Best leave them alone. Hang out with the angry and you might catch a stray bullet. Debt-settling is a lonely occupation. It's also an unhealthy occupation ...

If you're out to settle the score, you'll never rest. How can you? For one thing, your enemy may never pay up. As much as you think you deserve an apology, your debtor may not agree. The racist may never repent. The chauvinist may never change. As justified as you are in your quest for vengeance, you may never get a penny's worth of justice. And if you do, will it be enough?

So immediately after reading that, I was like "Wow, God knew exactly what needed to be in my inbox this morning!!" But that's not all. I did pretty well all day, my anger subsided and I didn't think much about it. Then this evening, Grant and I went on a walk and were talking. Again, I started getting my feathers ruffled. We came back from our walk, I put the laundry away, and opened my new Beth Moore Bible study that I started on Saturday. This is one of the scripture verses from today's study:

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God"- 2 Corinthians 1:3-4.

Here is what sticks out to me today. I have read that verse so many times. The word compassion really jumped out at me tonight. God is compassionate and merciful on us, and we are His instruments to show that same compassion on others. He is merciful on ME! How is it that I am not bestowing that same mercy on others? I look at my past, the wretched mistakes and decisions I have made, the times that I have done everything but turn my back on my Savior, and He had mercy on me! How then, am I not showing that same compassion, mercy, and grace on others?

Monday, October 15, 2007

A Little Update....

Well, the hubby and I had a very nice weekend. Grant's parents drove in from New Orleans Friday evening. We just visited and went on to bed. Saturday morning we had breakfast at the Cracker Barrel (YUM) and Grant and his dad played golf while his mom and I went shopping.... holla!

I used my Ann Taylor gift card that my sister, Shannon, gave me for my birthday back in August. I got TWO shirts. (Okay, so I spent a little more than my gift card supplied!). THEN I went to Nine West and bought these really cute little brown loafer type shoes. They are perfect for work, and for fall! I am a major fan of Nine West, especially because they are one of the few stores that consistently carry size 5's. Being a size 5 woman is hard, cause no one carries your size! But they are really cute.

Then we stopped at Lifeway and I finally bought Beth Moore's Jesus: 90 Days With the One and Only. I have been wanting this book for a long time and I finally bought it. I've already done days one and two and I am SO excited to learn more about the life of Jesus. I am eager to see what He is going to do in my life through this book!

Yesterday morning we went to church, had some pretty good mexican food for lunch, and then headed to our newest obsession: house hunting. Ladies, we are looking for houses, AND I think we found one! We would have to build it, but the price is right and the house is ADORABLE. We are probably meeting with a mortgage company this week to see if we could get approved for the loan, so please pray!

This would be our first house and so this is all so new and scary for us. (Personally, I can't believe we are old enough to be doing this!). I will post pictures of the model house as soon as I get a chance!

So I have to make fun of myself a little bit. Yesterday afternoon after we got home from looking at the house, I laid down to take a nap. I was laying in our bed, on top of the covers, with just a little blanket over my legs. Well, I could hear my cell phone ringing in the kitchen, so I was kinda startled and was trying to get up to answer it. I rolled over to get out of the bed, but I didn't realize how close to the edge I was! I rolled right off the bed! And to make matters worse, my legs were all tangled up in the blanket so I couldn't really plant my feet well. AND to make matters worse, in the big fat middle of my falling down, I pulled a muscle in my leg. So I went down with a boom, Grant comes running and I am laying on the side of the bed, hardly awake, startled, and crying cause my leg was hurting. My sweet husband literally sat beside me and prayed for me. Haha.

I hope everyone has a wonderful wonderful week! Love you ladies!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lindsee Lou

Many of my blog readers also frequent the blog of Lindsee Lou. (If you haven't been there, I have linked her there on the left. You should go there, it is fun). However, what some of you many not know is that she is my best friend!

Lindsee and I grew up together. And I could not mean that more literally. I do not remember not knowing her. We were toddlers together and went on up from there. We were always involved in the same activities and church functions. She is like family to me and I love her and her precious heart!

One thing that blogland does not get to experience, however, is her "Lindseeisms". You see, sometimes Linds' mouth gets a little ahead of her brain, and sometimes things come out a little wrong. (In her blogs, she is typing so everything comes out crystal clear). Allow me to give a few examples of the times when things don't come out so clear.

Lindsee and I were out running errands together when I stepped out of the car to get something in a store. I got back in the car just as Lindsee was hanging up the phone with Sally, who we were meeting in a few minutes. This is the conversation that followed:
Lindsee: "Okay, so Sally called, and that's why she called".
Jen: "Okay... I'm gonna need the middle part of that story"

She also has her own words, like when her allergies are acting up, she says she is feeling "Allergetic". For reals. It's part of me and Joanna's vocabulary now.

She went through a phase in highschool when she would say "Lindsee es muy consada" about 45 times a day.

She likes to say "parched" and "famished" instead of thirsty and hungry.

My most favorite though, (which I just remembered recently) happened our senior year of highschool. We were at camp for the weekend. A very sad event occured there, however, as we had just discovered that a VERY close family friend of both me and Lindsee had very unexpectedly passed away. We cried all night. Later that night we went back to our cabin to go to sleep. I was in the top bunk and Lindsee was sleeping in the bunk bed directly below me. I remember thinking all night and crying off and on and just being so sad for our friend. I heard Lindsee sniffling and moving around below me so I decided to see if she was awake... this is the conversation that followed:

Jen (whispering): "Linds, are you awake?"
Linds (whispering): "Yeah, are you?"
Jen: silence.....
Linds (whispering): "Oh wait, that was a dumb question!"

Girls, on that very sad evening we giggled into our pillows for 15 minutes. The cabin was full of other sleeping girls and we were trying to contain ourselves. I remember thinking in my head how thankful I was to laugh with my best friend during such a sad moment. We almost peed our pants!

She was the maid of honor in my wedding.... and now we live a whole state apart!! And to make matters worse, our precious Joanna (the 3rd musketeer) lives in MONTANA now! And our 4th bestie, Sally Ann is moving to NORTH AFRICA at the end of this month. We are all so spread out, but I am so so thankful for my friends.

I am so glad that everyone in blogland gets to see her precious heart and joyful spirit. She truly is a treasure to me and everyone that knows her!! (P.S. We spent 10 minutes cracking up on the phone today trying to decide how you pronounce "meme"- so if anyone could shed some light, we'd greatly appreciate it!)


Monday, October 8, 2007

Even Then

More and more everyday, I realize that I am always learning. God is always teaching me something to help make me a better friend, wife, daughter, sister, employee... and He's revealed something to me recently that shows me more about God's unconditional love and faithfulness than ever before. Here's what I have recently discovered about me:

I don't fully come to God if I don't feel like I have it altogether. If it's a bad day, or I'm too tired, or the house is a mess, or the laundry isn't done, or I sat on my bootie and did nothing for 5 hours, or I haven't put any effort into much of anything for awhile, I don't come to God. I don't come to Him with requests, thanksgiving, praise or anything.

I DO come to Him when things are going well. My house is clean. There is dinner on the table. All of my clothes are put away. My car is washed. I made the bed this morning. I got alot conquered at work today. That is when I come to Him fully, and pray with my whole heart. Something in my head goes, "Okay Jen, now is the time you can talk to Jesus. Everything is in it's place". I have a hard time coming to Him if everything isn't just right.

Girls, that is SO not how our God works! It's so sad because those times when I don't have it altogether is when I need Him the MOST. When I think about the subconsious behind it, I see that the reason I am not coming to Him when my life is a mess is because I am ashamed, and I know that my life isn't glorifying Him. However, God loves us more than that.

He loves you even when you can only be classified as a hot mess. He loves you when you spent the better part of your Sunday afternoon watching horribly predictable Lifetime movies. He loves you when you have no motivation, no enthusiasm, and no will-power. He loves you when your house is a mess and your laundry is piling up.

I am (once again) quoting a Nichole Nordeman song that helped reveal this entire situation to me.

Even Then by Nichole Nordeman

It's a fear that keeps me wide awake
In the middle of the night
When the expectations are too great
And the bar is raised to high

So I do the best with what I've got
And hope that no one knows
That I strain to see how high I can
Try to stand on these toes
Until I'm measured, but You know better

So thank You, Jesus
Even when You see us just as we are
Fragile, frail and so far from who we want to be
Thank You, Jesus
Even when the pieces are broken and small
Dreams shatter and scatter like the wind
Thank You even then...

So I put aside the masquerade
And admit that I am not okay
Which may not be the thing to say
But I'm not ashamed to need You more each day

So thank You, Jesus
Even when You see us just as we are
Fragile, frail, and so far from who we want to be
Thank You, Jesus
Even when the pieces are broken and small
Dreams shatter and scatter like the wind
Thank You even then...

We raise the standard and try to reach You
But we'll never get there, and we don't need to

So thank You, Jesus
Even when you see us just as we are
Fragile, and frail and so far from who we want to be
Thank You, Jesus
Even when the pieces are broken and small
Dreams shatter, and scatter like the wind
Thank You even then....

She states so clearly what I'm trying to say. WE DON'T NEED TO BE PERFECT. God asks that we strive to do everything with excellence, but He never says "But I shalt not love you on your off-days". I am so thankful that we serve a God of mercy and compassion.

What bothers me most is that when I am in those pits are the times that I need Jesus the most to pull me out. It's one of those simple solutions that I just refuse to see for some reason. God is not a God of shame.

I don't know if I am the only one who does this, but if I'm not, please know, sweet sister, that He loves you the just the same, even when you don't have it altogether. Take a deep breath.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Picture Time!

Good morning ladies! It's a beautiful Saturday here in Baton Rouge. Grant thinks it's a PERFECT day to play golf, while I think it is a PERFECT day to get a pedicure! :) Opposites attract ya'll!

Last night we had a little date. We decided to try a new restaurant (well, new to us) called Mezza Luna. Not so good. But it wasn't our typical choice and we were proud that we tried something new!

I took a few pictures last night before we left the house.
Here is Moxie and Me, how precious is he??
Here is Moxie and his dad, who shortly after this picture was taken shaved all that scruff off of hsi face :)
And finally, here is the happy couple. I do love date nights with my husband!

Okay dear friends, I hope everyone has a great Saturday! Love to all!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tall Black Boots

It's been a pretty non-eventful few days here. This week has been filled with working, sleeping, and watching my husband play a silly little game called Halo 3. I thought my husband was the only husband doing this, but no. Last night he was playing with FOUR other married men, all of which have a job to wake up to, yet they are all playing Halo 3. I am friends with a few of those ladies and we've discussed before that our husbands are using the tv too much :) I'm sure all of the wives are thinking the same thing I am though. Atleast I know I'm not alone.

I am ready for it to be cooler outside. I'm not quite ready for winter weather (not that Louisiana gets much of a winter) but I would like to retire my summer clothes. I have some sweaters I would like to wear. And my boots. And my denim jacket. The south does not get much of a fall, sometimes it seems that summer just turns directly into winter. Joanna (who lives in Montana) is beginning a full fledged winter up there! Sending you big warm hugs my precious friend!

So ladies, what are you looking forward to wearing again as the weather changes? :)