Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meet Me in 45 Minutes!

I had SUCH a treat last night! My friend Katherine called me at 7:15 asking if I wanted to see the 8:00 showing of "Meet Me in St. Louis" with her down at the Hobby Center. Um... yes I do!!

Anyone that knows anything about me knows I love a good musical. Shockingly, I have never seen a performance of Meet Me in St. Louis. I knew the majority of the music but it was wonderful to see it in living color. The costumes, dancing, and performers were amazing. There was a 7 year old little girl that was incredible. TALENT coming out of her EARS!

Katherine, thank you so much for this last minute treat. I had a BALL!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


There's a really funny comedian named Brian Regan. (LOOK INTO HIM, HE IS HILARIOUS, and CLEAN!) In one of his "bits", he talks about being a child and playing outside with his brothers. He says his mother used to come up to them and say "Come up with a good activity!". He then describes a scene where his 5 year old self is sitting in a puddle of mud saying, "Is this a good activity?".

We've had a few new activities lately. Since it is getting cooler, I have been taking Moxie on longer walks. I give him more exercise in the fall-winter months. It is so much more tolerable. Also, in an effort to save money, I have been cooking alot more lately. And, making enough food for us to take to work with us the next day. It really does save so much. Our other new activity is "How I Met Your Mother". We've been renting Season 1 over the last few weeks and finished it this weekend. I can't wait to start Season 2.

Now, I know many of you may think that watching episode after episode of a television show is not an activity. But it is. I've resolved myself to the fact that my activities will never include things such as "knitting" or "scrapbooking" or "exercise".

Anyways, we have been pretty busy lately. Grant has been traveling some for work. We've had alot of wedding festivities. Our dear friends the Larkins had a baby girl named Lily on Sunday. We went to see her last night, she is 6 lbs of perfect!! We brought Jim, Liz, and her mom some Panera for dinner and visited while I hogged the baby for an hour. What a sweet thing! I have been really busy with my 3rd-5th grade choir. They are performing in "big church" a week from Sunday and I am so excited. We have alot of work to do!

I am somewhat ashamed to admit this, but am I the only one who is TOTALLY ready for the Christmas season to get here?! I don't know why, but I NEED A LITTLE CHRISTMAS RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE! I just want to hear the songs and wear a JACKET for goodness sakes and I want to decorate and drink warm drinks.

What have you been up to lately?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weekday Update

Life is good right now. Last night I was at choir practice and I realized that I am truly happy in this season of my life. Yes, there are alot of unknowns. Yes, I am sleepy alot. Yes, we are still in the waiting game when it comes to buying a house. But I am happy. I love my family. I love my friends. I LOVE my husband. I love my job. I love my church. God is good.

Grant flew to Dallas this morning. He'll fly back late tonight. He just had several meetings to go to today. I'm so proud of him and how much he is accomplishing at his job. He works really hard and I can tell that the Lord is using him in many ways. We are blessed!

This weekend is a very important wedding in my life. When I was a little girl, I had a childhood playmate named Jonathan. (Dare I say, I think I was actually friends with him before I was friends with Lindsee!). As we got older, we stopped having sleep overs (cause that was inappropriate!) and continued to be friends. There was a season in 8th or 9th grade where we got on each others nerves so much we became more like brother and sister and less like friends. But as we matured we became very very close friends. Through highschool and college, he was one of those people that was always there and knew the real me. He's never been afraid to put me in my place or call me on stuff I need to be called out on. My dear friend has been through ALOT in his life. I was with him senior year when we got the news that his dad had suddenly died. Walking with him through that season was so hard. So much junk has happened and if there is anyone I know that has a "right" to be mad at God, it would be him. But he isn't. He has made lemonade out of lemons.

After Grant and I got married (Jonathan was an usher in my wedding and walked my mom down the aisle), I knew that me and Jonathan's "relationship" had to look a little different. Mainly because we moved to Louisiana, but also because clearly my husband is the only man in my life. Grant has always respected our friendship though and has no issue with our monthly chats. When Jonathan and Tara started getting serious, he called to tell me all about it. And when other happenings have happened in our lives, we try to keep each other up to date. He's my brother.

This Saturday, he is getting married. To a wonderful, beautiful, funny, godly girl that isn't afraid to put him in his place. I have to admit, this whole thing has been very emotional for me. I'm just so proud of him and so happy for him. He has a great girl, he just bought a house, he has a great job..... I just am thrilled. I'm pretty sure I'm going to sob like a baby though during the wedding. Thank you, water proof mascara!!

By the way, this new weather is to die for!! Loving it. I LOVE rainy days, I think I would prefer it to sunny days. Oh gosh, what do you think that says about me? I'm truly a happy, optimistic, cheery person but I do love the rain. I think it makes everyone slow down and calm down and it's just so peaceful.

It is chilly in my office though. I've been trying to convince my boss to let us wear a Snuggy at our desks. I'm thinking the leopard print doesn't look very professional, however, if we got the solid blue ones and monogrammed our company name on it.. perhaps that would work? He hasn't agreed yet. I'll keep trying.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Best & Worst Dressed: Emmy's 2009

Hello, and welcome to this year's Emmy Best and Worst List! It's become kind of a tradition here on my blog that I list my faves the morning after all the major award shows. This year's Emmy did not give me any shortage of material.

For instance, I don't know who this is or why she was invited to the Emmy's but I am worried about her.

Tina, the reigning queen of the Emmy awards had a simple dress but the back was just lovely!

Are those arrows?!?

Sarah McLachlan. She sounded beautiful when she sang but I don't know what is going on here. This is just awkward.

Sandra Oh, or Dr. Cristina Yang look GORGEOUS in this gold. Her hair was beautiful too. It's nice to see her in something other than scrubs!

I don't know who this is. Her dress is pretty but I feel like it is something that you would wear to the Oscars.

I also don't know who this is but is this really necessary? I feel like we're going a bit overboard here.

Sweet Mariska. My dear darling Detective Olivia Benson. She looked beautiful and her necklace was to die for.

This is one of the Gossip Girls and her hair and makeup were perfection.

I have mixed feelings about the marshmallows on her shoulders.

Kyra & Kevin. Kyra has a great figure and always wears great lines on the red carpet. However, I feel like this dress would've been better for her in shades of blue. I think it is a bit late 80's early 90's with the dress in Blush & Bashful.

Kate Walsh = Stunning.

Jennifer Love Hewitt likes the yellows. Pretty dress, I like the cut.

JENNA! Rockin it in the black!!

I heart her hair.

January Jones is beautiful and the cut of the dress is just lovely but the bodice reminded me of something one would wear if the Emmy's were held on the moon.

I don't know who this is but I would suggest that she a) stop doing that and b) not wear that dress ever again. Ever.

Heidi Klum. WOW. Talk about a BUMP!

Why is Hayden so pretty? Why? She is so beautiful.

I loved how her dress looked from the back.

Ginnifer: Loved the color of the dress. Loved the necklace. Hated the cut of the dress and I am not into her current hair style.

Drew: Pretty dress but I felt like the color washed her out some.

Debra: Usually Debra knows that the red heads need to rock the jewel tones. I liked this dress but I felt like it would've been beautiful in an emerald green or a plum. This red does nothing for her.

Christina Applegate: Your thoughts? I can't decide how I feel.

Kristin Chenoweth: Arguably the most talented woman in Hollywood. ADORABLE.

Inappropriate. For such a stunning girl, she could've looked unbelievable. But this dress was not good. Not good.

Dr. Bailey!! I would've loved this dress on her if it was without the flowers on the bottom. She looks gorgeous though.

Angela from the Office. How tiny is she!? I love her hair and the color is nice.
Amy Poehler and husband Will Arnett. Funniest couple in Hollywood. She looked pretty.
Alyson Hannigan was the prettiest I've ever seen her. GREAT hair and GREAT dress!
That's all folks! Share your thoughts and opinions please!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Love Lists

1. I cannnot believe it is September 17 and this is only my third post of the month. Forgive me bloggers, for I have sinned. Things have just been really busy this month and I have had a bit of writer's block. But I am here now! :)

2. Our office is freakishly cold. We wear sweaters all the time and sometimes even that is not warm enough. Well, today I am wearing a sweater and the A/C is out. It is going to be a hot day. I'm feeling like we should shut down the office.

3. TONIGHT IS THE PREMIERE OF THE OFFICE. I cannot contain my excitement. Jim & Pam are going to have a baby! HOORAY! :)

4. I ate Spaghettio's last night. It. Was. Glorious.

5. Mr. Moxie dog has been a very sick boy. He's had to go to the vet twice and get some shots and be on all kinds of medicine. Yesterday was the first day he was finally acting like himself, and I am so glad. I've missed him!

6. Biggest Loser- y'all that Abby woman made me sob. I can't even imagine, bless her sweet heart. I am rooting for her.

7. I got to have lunch with my sweet husband yesterday! I had to pick something up from the courthouse downtown and I got to meet him at his office, take a quick tour, and then have lunch with him in the tunnels. It was a nice mid-day treat. I love him a whole lot.

8. My kids' choir is going great. They are performing in "big church" next month and we almost have our two songs learned. Plus we've played some really fun games and I love being with those kids. Such a blessing...

9. House update: We still have not found one. Ever since school started back up, very few houses have been put on the market. It is slim pickin's out there, y'all. But I am trusting God... I know He will provide in His perfect timing.

10. I'm getting a pedicure and a brow wax tomorrow. It is just time.

Tomorrow is Friday, and for this I am very thankful :) Have a great day everyone!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where the Deer and the Antelope Play

We spent a very fun and relaxing 4 nights and 4 days at the wonderful Flying L Ranch in Bandera, Texas this Labor Day. We were there with my mom, my dad, my sister Shannon, her husband Jason, their twins Scarlett and Juliet, my sister Jaclyn, her husband Jeremy, and her kids Grace and Dean. I had never been to a dude Ranch before and I LOVED the adventure! We stayed in cabins that had satellite television, which means that I was totally okay with the cabin experience.

While there, we had breakfast and dinner made for us every day. Breakfast was usually bacon, scrambled eggs, biscuits, grits, oatmeal, and toast. This Texas girl was in HEAVEN! I put brown sugar on my oatmeal to make it less healthy. And dinner was ususally chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and sweet tea. It was lovely!
There was so much to do there. Grant got to play golf twice. There was a HUGE water park for the kids which was a big hit. We roasted s'mores at night. After the kids went to bed, we played Catchphrase where I almost peed in my pants a few times. MY GOSH that game is funny. Also, my mom brought our old ballet costumes from when we were little girls. The little princesses dressed up in our clothes everytime we were in the cabins. Because ballerinas totally fit in at the ranch.

I've attached just a few pictures....
Here's a pic of part of the ranch.... that building you're seeing on the right is a saloon where John Wayne once had a few beers. How cool is that?

This is my happy baby boy, Dean Jackson. He will be six months old on the 18th. He is SO happy and is just such a good baby. I cuddled with him alot!

This is my dad and Grace walking to get some breakfast. Pops and Grammy were so happy to be surrounded by all their grandbabies!!

On our first morning there, we decided to head into town, the thriving metropolis of Bandera Texas (population 957) to see the Labor Day parade. We were just a few minutes late though as we got caught behind some "traffic" that was also heading to the parade. I got out of the car to take a picture of the cowboys, horses and longhorns that created such a long wait for us.

Look at that cowboy working the lasso!

Once we got to the parade, we saw lots of horses and longhorns. There was also a young beauty queen waving from the back of a convertible. I thought she was Miss Bandera but then I realized she was riding in a State Farm car and her sash said "Free Estimates". Gotta love small towns. There were some fun old cars there too....

You know you're on vacation when your mom and dad let you lay on the street to watch a parade. Juliet had a ball!

Grace and her cousin Scarlett couldn't help but hug each other because of all the joy.

Pops was used as a chair for the twins as the parade got a bit longer...

After the parade we went to the ice cream place. Here is my sister and her sweet baby boy. I wish they were attractive.

She was made to be a mama.

I think they love their mommy.

This picture of Scarlett and Dean is just too much for words.

This is what Scarlett, Juliet and Grace looked like every morning....

One afternoon after naptime, Grammy painted the girl's toes. The color of choice was "Grape Shimmer". They were VERY happy little ones!!

They are ever so girly.

Grace, again, with her arm around her cousin. We actually had to tell Grace repeatedly to stop giving so many hugs. People need their personal space!!

Juliet is adorable.

I think Grace was a little bit excited.

Look at those beautiful twins!
Later, Juliet got out the doctor kit and started taking everyone's blood pressure. Because every ranch needs a ballerina doctor.


One evening we went on a wagon ride. We saw no less than 75 deer, I'm serious. Grant took about a thousand deer pictures but I am not uploading all of those. But look at my sister and her cute family :)

This is Dean's face when you sing to him!

HIGHLIGHT: Me and the husband went horseback riding!! We took an hour long ride through the trails and creekbeds. Grant had never ridden a horse before. Ironically, they put him on a horse named "Fatal Dose". I rode "Romeo". They were so calm and gentle and it was a fun memory for me and the husband.

It was such beautiful scenery...

The trip was an absolute blast. Needless to say, I got some great time with my family and got a good fix of all my nieces and nephew. It was amazing!!

Happy Trails to you

Until we meet again

Happy Trails to you

Keep smiling on till then

Who cares about the clouds when we're together?

Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather

Happy trails to you...

till we meet again....