Wednesday, May 21, 2008

David vs. David

Alrighty.... here's my recap.....

1. I am so thankful that they stopped with the boxing analogies tonight. I was getting physically ill with all the boxing gloves, boxing rings, boxing advice, and boxing analogies of last night.

2. I am not thankful for Amanda Overmyer and her nasal voice. Did anyone else think that she clearly did not want to be there?

3. I am thankful for Renaldo, my best friend forever. His marching band was also fabulous. Kudos to them for staying on beat when Renaldo clearly could not do the same.

4. I am thankful for Michael Johns. He left too soon. I hope to see more of him.

5. I am not thankful for George Michael and his forever long song and his awful sunglasses. I thought I was watching a Saturday Nite Live Sketch. Except it wasn't funny. I yelled "I'm bored!!!" atleast 3 times.

6. I am thankful for Jason Castro and Brooke White. Although I felt for her, since the producers chose Graham Nash as her singing partner. What in the....?!?

7. I am not thankful for Fantasia's crayon red hair.

8. I am thankful for Jack Black and his hysterical dance moves. I LOL'd the whole time!!!!

9. I am not thankful for David Archuleta's take at the "Risky Business" guitar hero commercial. I felt awkward watching it. And I'm pretty sure that those boxers felt awkward being in it as well.

10. I am thankful for Paula's red dress.

11. I am not thankful for the producers..... they decided that for the biggest night in cable television, our guest performers should be: Seal, Donna Summer, ZZ Top, Bryan Adams, Graham Nash, One Republic, The Jonas Brothers, and George Michael. Um.... okay.

12. I am thankful for the sweet elderly woman named Pat that Ryan found in the audience. I was especially pleased with her red suit and burgundy hand bag.

13. I am not thankful for Jordin Sparks' gold dress, nor am I thankful for the length of Carrie Underwood's white dress (?). Maybe it wasn't supposed to be a dress. Maybe it was the jacket to a woman's business suit and she just forgot to put her pants on.

14. I am thankful for Simon telling Cook that he was almost being disrespectful last night and apologizing. I appreciate that and I think Cookie did too.

15. I am not thankful for Randy's red suit.

16. I am thankful for the package of bad auditions they showed, especially the one with the girl who is "going into actressing".

17. I am not thankful for the moment of the evening when Ryan said "And the winner.... of American Idol.......... 2008...... isss........................." and then MY DVR SHUT OFF!!!!

18. I am not thankful for my husband LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY like the wicked witch of the west when this happened.

19. I am not thankful that I almost cursed. Almost. Don't judge me.

20. I am thankful for my quick remote skills of switching to a live Fox station and catching the tail end of the rejoicing.

21. I am thankful that David Cook WON!!!

22. I am thankful that Cookie was so gracious and sweet throughout the final song and kept tugging Archuleta on stage.

23. I am not thankful that David Cook's first single contains a lyric about a magic rainbow.

24. I am thankful for the tender moment when Cookie's brother mouthed "That's my brother!!" into the camera.


:) Love ya'll.


  1. you are hysterical.
    i enjoyed "Renaldo, my best friend forever"
    and i also cringed at the motorcycle nurse.

    I also had a few close american idol moments. #1: Grace hid my remote in her book box and i was having a panic atack. #2: my cable went out in the middle of the show. Oh but don't worry...dont came back :)

  2. I totally agree with you about almost everthing you listed except the horrible song out takes
    They were painful for me to watch again (I am not sure why)
    Also I agree about Amanda Overmyer
    when she was going down the stairs singing with the rest of the girls I thought she might throw up she looked that uncomfortable - LOL

    Honestly I am just SO GLAD DAVID C WON!!!

    Have a great night!
    Love ya

  3. So funny because I agree with all 25! I was screaming at the tv when the dvr stopped recording at "The winner of American Idol 2008 is...." They totally did that on purpose!

    That's true, the Newlywed class is probably not the right class if you have been married that long. There are lots of good classes though. Our good friends are the directors of Veritas. I would be happy to introduce you. We go to The Big Time, if you ever want to visit, we would love to have you. Just let me know!

  4. This made me giggle!!! Amican Idol / Pop Idol.... I never really got it!! Oops...

  5. Love your comments but I only watched the end..hmm need to go back and watch the rest so I can see what your talking about.

  6. Okay, so I watched it! Jordin's stylist needs help. That dress did not do her justice. And Carries's "dress" ???!!! Just weird. I am sure the people up front got more info than they wanted. And the song lyrics were horrible. Sorry, but I just had to join you again and comment... I feel much better now.;)

  7. Hey girl! This is Courtney Jo's friend from College, ok so Jo told me I had to go watch that video of lindsee's feet and the convo about it from Vegas... HAHAHA! I was cracking up! I'm so glad you caught that on video! HYSTERICAL! I'm glad y'all had a great time and i'm so happy for you and your hubby that y'all are back in HTown! :)

  8. How in the world did you come up with all that to write??

    I'm glad Idol is over...It wasn't all that to me this year.

    Hope you are settled into Houston now. Is it hot like it is here?
    I do believe I melted over the weekend. Welcome humidity.