Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Joanna Sue!

Tuesday, June 24, is my darling Joanna's birthday.

I'll tell ya why I love that girl:

1. She may be the most quotable person I know. Whether it's "Oh, father Abraham!", or "Jenny, am I gonna be okay?!", she never fails to make me laugh. (Also, when in Vegas, we walked by a billboard that was advertising a show starring Donny & Marie Osmond. Joanna asked me if they were comedians.)

2. Her heart is pure gold. I mean pure, solid gold. She cares about people and prays for them. Just a few weeks ago we were on the phone and I mentioned a certain situation and asked her to keep it in her prayers. She replied, "Girl, you know I will! Jen, does your prayer list ever get so long that you think you may need to take the day off work?". She is that kind of prayer warrior!

3. She feels the need for you to share in experiences with her. One day I was at work and she called my cellphone. Jo is not one to call me much during the work day, so I got a little worried and answered. "Oh! I didn't expect you to pick up since you were at work! I was gonna leave a message, but Jenny, I am at a stoplight and this pedestrian just walked across the street in her business suit and Aqua socks. I just had to share". It really brightened my day!

4. I am so proud of her. Jo is a home-body and when she fell in love with her John, she knew that that could mean living far, far away. I will never forget the moment when I was standing in Payless Shoes with my mom and Joanna called and said, "Well, I have something to tell you. I'll be living in Montana". Could that BE any further?!? But nonetheless, my Joanna has made me so proud. In the last year I have gotten only a few phone calls that begin with a shaky voice saying "Jenny, I just need to talk a minute". She has been strong for her husband and has found comfort in the constant that is our Lord Jesus.

5. For some reason, she likes to call people names that aren't really their names. Martha, Bertha, Shelita, you name it, we've all been called it. She calls me Jenny Beth, which is not my middle name. But, I love it. (Joanna Sue is not her name either, for the record).

6. Not to embarass her, but I love that when her now husband emailed her for the first time years ago, and kinda stated his "intentions", she read me and Lindsee the email, and the 3 of us decided that she needed to break up with her current boyfriend, and she needed to do so immediately. (They had only been together for a few months, and honestly, that was just altogether a mess). Joanna calmly went into the other room and made a phone call. When she returned, she opened up her laptop and the 3 of us carefully replied to John's email. Sitting there typing that, I knew they would get married. I just knew it :)

7. I love the sound of her laugh.

8. I love how much she loves John.

9. I love that a few months before John proposed, she said to me and Lindsee, "If ya'll know when he is gonna do it, can you make sure I have my nails done?".

10. She is an encouragement to me. She is beautiful inside and out. She is a precious friend, and I do not know what I would do without her in my life!

I LOVE YOU JOANNA FAY! Happy Birthday, I can't wait to have some Olive Garden with you!! You are a treasure!


  1. Ok that post was so sweet and made me LOL!
    What a true treasure you have in your friend Joanna :)
    May God continue to bless you!

  2. sweet Jen! Thank you so ver much! I love you so dearly! I miss your sweet face on this day... but i treausre *every* single one of those memories and so many more with you!

    Thank you for your love!!!

  3. Precious friends that you have and are! I love Joanna's facial expressions and the way you three love each other.