Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When Did I Get Busy?

Something has happened. In the last 2 weeks or so, my life has gotten alot more hectic! Growing up, all through my childhood and on into highschool, I moved non-stop. We always had an activity going on every single weekend and most week nights. When I went to college, I was shocked at all my free time. Even in our first year or so of marriage, I wasn't involved in any kind of weekly activity. It was strange for me to be at home every night! I've needed something to DO! Then, we moved to Houston, and getting re-settled here kept social things at a slow pace. But that is all about to change!

Wednesday was my birthday, and we went out for my birthday dinner. Thursday night Grant and I had dinner with our friends Tiffany & Justin. Friday night I had a date with my Lindsee (we saw Mamma Mia and ate some yummy yummy California Pizza Kitchen) and Saturday night we had dinner with our friends Kelly, Rob, Jessica & Brian. Well, let me rephrase that... Jessica, Kelly and I sat at one end of the table and had dinner together while Rob, Grant and Brian sat at the other end of the table and had dinner together. There wasn't much mingling between the men and the women. At one point the girls and I stopped talking about what the Lord was doing in our life and tuned into what the guys were talking about: the TV show "Jackass" (Can I say that word on here?!) But that is neither here nor there. Back to my point.... I had some sort of social activity 4 nights in a row. That has been pretty unheard of lately.

At work, I have pretty much doubled my responsibilities. One of my co-workers quit and I have taken on her position, as well as fulfilling my own. It has been challenging and my days go by much quicker but I am busy busy busy at the office. I also enjoy the view from my office window (Saks Fifth Avenue!!).

Now, starting this week, my weekday evening are about to get more full. God has revealed some great ministry opportunities for me and I am SO glad to be involved with them! Starting this Wednesday I will be serving with the Kids Choir at our church... I am not sure exactly what my role is yet, but I don't care. I just want to be there and serve. After Kid's Choir each week, I will then go and be blessed yet again to serve in the Adult Choir. I miss singing and I am so glad I will get to be part of the awesome worship ministry that God has blessed our church with. Also, beginning in the fall, I will be spending my Tuesday nights assisting with the Houston Children's Chorus. (That is THREE choirs! Goodness gracious!)

As I said, somehow, I just got busy! I'm excited though. I do better when I have alot to do. It is when things get really really slow that I procrastinate and focus on the negative. When things are moving fast, I don't have time to whine or complain.

I have been praying these last few days that the Lord would continue to reveal to me where He wants me to be and how I can be more glorifying to Him. I am so excited about all of these new opportunities and am looking forward to the things that Jesus is going to teach me and the joy I will have as I serve Him! :) YAY for new things!!

Have a great evening, friends!


  1. So fun! Enjoy all that God has for you out there. BUT! Watch the time with your hubs. When the kiddos come, it gets harder and harder...


  2. good gracious!!!! You are a busy woman. Thank God for Tivo right???

  3. MAN! What a hectic life you lead! I feel the same- no one ever told me that being a grown up would be equal living a frenzied schedule. I thought college was stressful? sigh. I wish for those days.

    P.S. In response to your comment on my blog, YOU are super cool!

  4. YEA! I am so exicited for everything you are doing. I just wish I was doing HCC with you! :)


  5. Sounds like you're doing what you're made for!!
    Keep on the look out for those nodules!! Don't over work that gorgeous voice of yours!!!
    I love you sweet Jenn!!

  6. Oh my.

    I can't believe I just did that.

    I just spelled your "Jen" wrong.

    Oh my.

    I promised myself I never would never be one of "those people".

    But can I just tell you that I don't think it's fair that several Jennifers (by birth) that I know spell their "Jen"s differently???

    In my book, that just ain't right.

    So I'm ULTRA sorry for wounding you like this. ;0)

    I hope one day you'll recover.

    I promise to go write your name 40 times on the blackboard. ...just to make sure I get it right next time!!!

    LOVE you JEN!!!

    p.s. my past two word verifications have been:


    that just sounds wrong.

  7. Hmm, would that be Saks in the Galleria? If so, we should be meet up for lunch one day, I work in Williams tower!