Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two Weeks Notice

That's right... yesterday afternoon I gave a two-weeks notice of my resignation here at the office.
The Lord has placed a new job in my path... it is at a law firm which is what I am used to and the offer is much higher than I am currently making. I've accepted the position and my last day at work will be December 23.

Part of me is a bit stressed... it is just a very busy time of year and throwing in a new job, not to mention training of the person who will be filling my position. But I am also very excited to work in a new environment!

Other than that craziness, things are going pretty well. I bought 4 more Christmas presents online yesterday, so I feel like I've made a dent in my Christmas shopping list. I got to have dinner with Lindsee, Claire, and sweet pregnant Emily last night. I am all about chips and queso. All about it.

Anyways, I just wanted to update ya'll on my job situation. Praise the Lord for this new opportunity. Please pray for a smooth transition!


  1. Yay! I am so excited for you! I do understand the stress about training a new person for your job though, there is just so much about my job that I can't explain! You'll get through it! Love you toodles :)


  2. Congratulations! What a blessing! I will definitely pray for the transition.


  3. We miss ya'll too! I hope all the job stuff works out. How exciting to get a new job though. Hopefully, we'll see you sunday?!

  4. Oh I'm excited for you Jen!! Keep us posted. I'll be praying for smooth sailing!!
    Would you give that precious Lindsee a hug for me when you see her next? Thanks! :)

  5. GIRL!!!! i feel that there is something wrong with your BFF reading news like this over a blog...i am very concerned!!!!

    I am so excited for you!!!!! I know this will be great change for you!!!

    I love you dearly and i am DYING to see that red headed,freckled face..bff of mine!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Congratulations on your new move! I know these next two weeks will be pretty crazy, but hopefully there will be a "calm after the storm." Can't wait to hear about your new job in more detail!

    Love you!

  7. Congratulations on finding a new job! I'm in the process of doing the same thing, so I hope it goes as well for me as it seems to have gone for you!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Hooray! Praying for a smooth transition!

  9. I gave mine last week. I am elated. More on that to come... :)