Monday, January 5, 2009

He Takes the Cake!

My Dad is a business executive. He is a salesman. He is a manager. He hires people. He fires people.

He also makes cakes using some kind of Betty Crocker contraption that he bought off of some TV infomercial.

Exhibit A:
(Yes, he decorated it himself. We are so proud)

Exhibit B:
Yes, there are 2 different kinds of cakes. One is chocolate. One is Funfetti.

I absolutely love my dad and am so proud of his cake that he made all by himself.

Your comments of wonder and awe are much appreciated! :)


  1. This is so cool!! I'm not gonna lie I kinda want one too!!

    love you ma'am

  2. Jack, I love you so much for this. Could you make another one so I could please taste the goodness? You do know that funfetti is my favorite.


    (Along with Sam, Kristy, Dave and Kathy. We're all so proud!)

  3. oh, and it was so so good. When mom told me she didn't make it I just assumed she bought it at a bakery....oh how wrong I was :)

  4. I have a whole new level of appreciation and respect for your dad. That's amazing. And it's from an infomercial...even better.

    Well done, Jack!

  5. That is awesome!! Your Dad is a seriously impressive creative streak to do such great cake decorating! Chocolate cake is my favourite!

  6. i always wonder what your dad is doing over i know. i wish i didn't know. :) hahaha :) jk. at least he's found a new hobby?

  7. Um that is AMAZING! I bet it tasted great too!!

  8. well, well, mr. jack! i'm seriously impressed, especially the icing. you guys have such a fun family. :)

    has he seen the infomercial for that checkerboard cake?

  9. wow!! it looks delicious! and creative, my goodness!

    :: Taylor

  10. Wow I am totally impressed and now I am craving cake - hehe
    Way to go Jen's dad

  11. Jack, Great Job! The cake looks
    de-lish, and it appears the family loved it. Jen will have to keep us posted on your next cake endeavor. :-)

  12. Ok...what IS the contraption? VERY COOL. And, your dad is very cool. My dad would never buy that much less cook a cake. Go dad!

    And, happy belated anniversary!
    Love ya girl!

  13. People don't realize that certain infomercials have a lot to offer. I think you need to tell your dad that we want a Welcome to Houston cake so we can enjoy this delicious looking creation!!

    Love you!!