Thursday, February 26, 2009

Glory, Glory, Glory!

Glory to GOD! We have two very exciting things going on right now that I need to give the Lord a heapin' load of praise for!! I am making my boast in Christ alone!

Alrighty, the first one is going to need a bit of a back story. I haven't shared this with ya'll just because of the sensitivity of the situation.... but about 2 weeks ago (Feb. 9) Grant was laid off from his job. (I got the call about 2 minutes after posting this post.) Everyone knows the economy is rough and companies have to do what they have to do. Still, it was a shock. But somehow we were covered with an overwhelming sense of peace. I knew that the Lord had His hand in this and that we were going to be just fine. (Hence the reason I wrote this post). Sure enough, WE GOT AN OFFER LETTER LAST NIGHT! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Grant has been offered a job (just two weeks after he was laid off!) that is more than we ever hoped for. Grant getting laid off was the best thing that could've happened and it is beyond a blessing. He starts next week and we were beyond thrilled. God is SO good and He provided for us in a way that blew us away. He always tends to do that!

I really wanted to share all this with you earlier, but out of respect for my husband and all the uncertainties that were before us, I chose not to. I'm so glad the cat's out of the bag and that the news is so wonderful. Hooray!

The second amazing thing is.... Ronda and Chase are becoming parents TOMORROW! Tomorrow is baby day! (For those of you who are newer to my blog, Chase is Grant's brother. Also, Ronda had the wonderful idea of introducing me and Grant. I am so glad she did. That was a great idea!) After a long, prayerful journey through infertility and trusting Him fully, the twins are on the way. Uncle Grant & Aunt Jen are so thrilled to meet them (we're heading up next weekend) and learn all about them. Especially their genders and their names because I don't think I could've made it till Saturday without knowing that information. I might have imploded.

So there you have it. Is our God great or what?! He is faithful. He is so, so faithful.

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus!


  1. Seriously Praise the LORD!!!! We have been praying! He is so faithful...i knew for certain that HE would blow ya'lls socks off :)

    Another PRAISE THE LORD for The Isaminger miracles :) I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lots of love to my sweetest girl!!!

  2. Praise God!
    I am so thankful that He has shown His faithfulness in providing for you guys!
    I am so excited to "meet" Ronda's babies! Please keep us updated on the blog...I know that she will be a little bit busy! :)
    We are praying for all four of them!

  3. YEAH!
    I find myself bouncing with joy over both sets of news!
    So exciting!
    God is GREAT!
    Love you Jen!

  4. Praise Jesus!!!

    I mean, two weeks until he was offered another job?!? That is so soon!! The Lord definitely had his hand in THAT situation!!

    Can't wait to find out the sexes of the babies!! Two boys, two girls, one boy, one girl?!?! You'll find out tomorrow!!

    Love you so much!!

  5. What a blessing post! "Double" the blessings! :)

  6. amen and amen. He is so Faithful! and I am so thankful. where would be without Him? He is our only hope...all glory and praise to the Lamb who was slain!


  7. I loved every word of this post.

    And I love every person that was mentioned in this post.

    Praise our sweet Jesus!

  8. This post just shows the Faithfulness and PERFECT timing of our Lord!

    Love you and yay for more babies to be Aunt Jen to :)