Monday, January 25, 2010

I Haven't Cooked Since Thursday

When Grant's parents come in town, we eat. And then we sleep and then we eat. And then we shop and then we eat. And then we sleep again and then we eat. Shower. Eat.

I love it when Grant's parents come in town.

I think I can best describe the weekend in list format:

Places We Shopped:

1. Ikea (Oh-my-good-gracious)

2. Hobby Lobby (Hooray for picking out fabulous fabric for my dining room chairs!)

3. Tuesday Morning (it was a hidden one that I had never seen before and a whole new world has been opened to me)

4. Ross

5. Marshall's Home Goods

6. Charming Charlie

7. Target

Glory, glory hallelujah.

Things We Ate:

1. King Cake that a New Orleans friend brought to Grant. It had a cream cheese filling. Oh yes, it did.

2. BBQ at Goode Company.

3. Pasta and breadsticks at The Olive Garden

4. French Fried Onions, bread with honey butter and yummy steaks at Salt Grass Steakhouse. (We tried to go to Taste of Texas but the wait was 2 FLIPPING HOURS so we voted no!)

Things Grant and his Dad did:

1. Golf
2. Golf

We had a wonderful, wonderful time with them and they got back to New Orleans just in time to watch the Saints game! Hooray for the Saints going to the Superbowl! We always have such a great visit with them.

Yesterday, after church, we went to eat lunch with a bunch of friends cause Grant and I were craving some mexican food. We went to Cyclone Anaya's and I filled up on chips and queso but then I filled up again on tacos.

I should be full but I'm not.


  1. One of my boys just saw your picture and said, "Mommy, there's Cinderella!" ~KElkins

  2. Did I make you want Cyclone Anaya's??? It was sooo good...a definate place to go back to! Hope you have a great week! Kate

  3. What a really fun weekend!!! I think you picked all the best places to shop!!

  4. Um, I've never been to Cyclone Anaya's. We need to go there. Thank you.