Monday, July 12, 2010

Houstonian Mexican Food: A Review

First of all, a heartfelt thank-you to all of you who reminded me that I left a very key song off of my Chillax List.... "To Make You Feel My Love" by Garth Brooks. Honestly, I don't know how I could have forgotten such an important piece of my Chillax list. I used to listen to the "Hope Floats" soundtrack and dream of Harry Connick Jr. while chillaxing. It so belongs on the list. Thank you for reminding me!

Now to the meat of this post, blog reader Katie asked me a very important question about Mexican restaurants in Houston. She is coming to H-town and wants to know the best place to get Mexican food.

Well, Katie, that is a very excellent and complex question. It depends on what part of town you are in as there are wonderful places in every pocket of Houston. But if you are asking in broad, general terms, I will give you broad, general answers.

1. Chuy's. You can't go wrong with Chuy's. They have several locations throughout the Houston area. Margarita's are good. Chips are good. Queso is good. Fajitas are good.

2. Lupe Tortilla. Also with several Houston area locations, Lupe Tortilla is just good, classic Mexican food. Grant finds the fajita beef a bit too salty for his liking, but everyone else loves Lupe Tortilla. Lindsee had her first margarita at Lupe Tortilla for her 21st birthday and it was HI-LARIOUS. Lindsee combined with even the tiniest bit of alcohol can make a funny memory. "When I turn my head, my eyes don't come with me".

3. Molina's on Westheimer. QUESO. Get the queso. With the meat in it. Get it. Love it.

4. Los Cucos is good but I am personally boycotting the one on Westheimer as they once delivered fajitas to our office but FORGOT THE TORTILLAS.

5. Don't got to Ninfa's. It's fine but it's not great.

6. If you're out in my parents' neck of the woods, then you must go to Del Pueblo. Del Pueblo is practically a landmark in the Cypress area and we L-O-V-E love it. When I was in school in Denton I would go to Del Pueblo everytime I came home for the weekend. Get a margarita with sangria. It is de-lightful.

7. El Gallo, which I mentioned in my last post, is not as well known but they have been there for forever and they get to know their frequent customers. The wait staff have been known to call people on their birthday to say happy birthday even when the person is not eating at El Gallo. Yes, people give the wait staff their cell phone numbers.

8. PAPPASITO'S. Pappasito's is a chain restaurant but UM YES YOU NEED TO GO THERE.

Y'all, I feel like I am forgetting some major ones.

Keep in mind, Katie, that there are 900 "hole-in-the-wall" Mexican restaurants that are a-mazing.

Rule of thumb: The less english they speak, the better.

This post is brought to you by beef, tequila, and the letter M.


  1. They just opened a Chuy's in Birmingham...and I must agree. DELICIOUS!

  2. Girl, you have just made me so hungry!! I love mexican food, but fear I am indeed missing out. Maybe we should come pay Texas a little visit sometime soon! :)

  3. I almost just fell straight over....Lupe's and margaritas....let us NOT forget that Lindsee only had DONUTS that day....HAAAAAAAAA :)

  4. We love Lupe Tortilla and Chuys! Lupe uses a lot of cilantro so everything tastes so fresh! Their fajitas are muy bueno

  5. NO WAY!!! You just scored major cool points for knowing El Gallo! My family has been going there since the 70's (before I was born, haha) and you're right, the food is great! Del Pueblo is A-mazing and Pappasitos...oh my! Sooooo good!

  6. Thank you SO SO much!! This post literally just made my night :) I'm working on figuring out which part of Houston the friend we're visiting is living in, but I'm pretty sure I'd make these boys drive to reach good Mexican food. I've driven past Pappasito's so many times and have never eaten there-- maybe this trip will be the first! As for queso, the more meat in it the better. I cannot wait to come home-- my mom has promised a big ole styrofoam cup of it when I walk in the door. And agreed-- the less English speaking the better, in the most wonderful way possible! Thank you again! I can't wait to show these Yankee boys real Mexican food :)

  7. i'll add a houstonian mexican food must try for the brave!
    "el ultimo taco" is a taco van in the carwash parking lot at the corner of long point and antoine. it is incredible and worth stepping outside the restaurant box! make sure to bring cash. it has actually been listed in several best taco vans in texas lists lately!

  8. Um, obviously we need to meet for a date night at El Tiempo so I can show you what you are missing on your list.

    Let's get that on the calendar. Stat.

  9. I just laughed out loud. So hard! All I had eaten that day was donuts! Bless my heart.