Thursday, November 4, 2010

Green Scarf

I'm wearing a green scarf today.

But this isn't how I started out.

I first put on a pale pink scarf and after looking in the mirror, I felt that I needed a bit more pizazz.

Then I put on a new scarf that I haven't worn before that a co-worker brought me after a trip overseas. After putting on that scarf, I realized that it was a) beautiful and b) quite possibly intended to be a table runner.

Then I put on my periwinkle scarf, which is a classic favorite but I still felt like I needed a bit more pop.

My decision became final with the bright green scarf that my dad brought me from Ireland. It has just enough pop. And it looks super cute with my white, button down, collared shirt, brown pants and denim jacket.

The perfect fall outfit. On the most beautiful fall day.

Please keep in mind that the scarf deliberation happened as I was already 30 minutes late for work.

Some decisions are important. The scarf decision is one of them.


  1. I'm thinking the freen scarf was an excellent choice, and probably made your hair look fiercly pretty!

    Plus, it's nice to see a flash of green in amongst the browns and oranges of fall!

  2. You look stunning in green.

    And I'll I could think about was confessions of a shopaholic! :)