Sunday, July 10, 2011


My nephew, Dean is a big boy now. He is 2 years old and he goes to Soccer Tots on Saturday mornings. This Saturday his mommy and daddy couldn't take him because they were off celebrating their eleven year anniversary. So, since Grammy was taking care of his big sister Grace, Aunt Jenny got to take him!

I went over to my mom's, picked up my buddy, and loaded him in the car. We had to take her car since it had a car seat. 

Here's my buddy boy.

On the drive, he pointed at things out the window and named them. Trees. Park. Car. House. Punza's Tower. Oh, you didn't know that Rapunzel's Tower was in the Houston area? It is. It's actually a church steeple, but Dean has declared it "Punza's Tower".

We went to Soccer Tots which is hilarity and chaos. Put 8 kids under the age of 3 in a large basketball court and try to get them to follow instructions. Dean did a great job. He did turn to me about 15 minutes into it and said "Um, Jenny... um.... juice box." 

We had a little juice box break. 

On the drive home, he fell asleep. 

I so enjoyed my little morning with my little man. 

Later that afternoon, Grant and I went to a beautiful, beautiful wedding. My choir director got married! And he sang to his bride. He sang "When You Say You Love Me" by Josh Groban. It was beautiful and full of love :)

And now, we're preparing for our week. This week is Houston Project.

Houston Project is a week long mission trip our church does every summer in our own city. We host a Vacation Bible School at 19 sites throughout the city of Houston. I'm leading the opening assembly for VBS each night, which means that I am going to be dancing around like a crazy person. Grant and I are co-leaders for our site and are looking forward to a powerful week. 

Pray for us... it's going to be a long, HOT few days!

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  1. look at you cute new blog makeover. i am just now seeing it and I likey.

    THANK you for taking the little sir, and I love that he discovered Punzel's tower with you. Priceless.

    love you sister!