Sunday, August 7, 2011

Basic Necessities

Today's discussion will mainly focus on the few basic items that our household could not survive without. 

Eggo Waffles

Yes, Eggo Waffles. This is a common breakfast item around here, or a late night snack. They are super quick and easy and sometimes I eat them with peanut butter on top rather than butter and syrup. They are in our freezer at all times.

Cell Phone Alarm Clock

Grant and I are heavy utilizers of the cell phone alarm clock. We each set 2-3 different alarms to 2-3 different alarm tones. Grant first wakes up to the song "Everybody Wants to Rule the World". We normally listen to the song 2-3 times before we actually start moving.


I've said it before and I'll say it again. We are TV people. But we have social lives. And, oh yeah, we have jobs. Therefore, we are DVR people. This has been perhaps the most cherished tool in our TV watching lives :)

Kraft Singles

Do I really have to elaborate on this? Kraft Singles. ENOUGH SAID.

Steam Dryer

I can not even begin to explain how much I love my steam dryer. This is largely due to the fact that I DON'T HAVE TO IRON ANYMORE. Oh, what's that? Your shirt is wrinkled? Oh, throw it in the dryer on the "Wrinkle-release"setting. IT WILL RELEASE YOUR WRINKLES.


Oh, mercy. Moments like these are when I realize that I'm getting older. Hello, my name is Jen, I take One-A-Day vitamins, I have a heel spur, my right ankle swells when it's about to rain and I use a humidifier in the fall and summer months. I'm not even 30 yet. Things aren't looking good for my elder years. 

Big Brown Blanket

Big brown blanket is my trusty big brown blanket that is on the couch with me at all times. Yes, even as it is over 100 degrees outside with a "feels like" temperature of 149 degrees, I still use big brown blanket every time I watch TV. My mom once said that she didn't think it was possible for me to watch TV without a blanket. True statement. True, true.

What does your household need to survive?


  1. what about mac-n-cheese?? I thought you couldn't do without that too??

  2. Coffee!!! I can't seem to live without it.

  3. Fans...even when it is cold out we like to have our air circulating at all times...

  4. I totally agree with you on the blanket....keep them all the time. Another requirement for me is a ceiling fan...regardless of the season. Clearly, I have a problem with temperature ocntrol.