Thursday, April 19, 2012

Someone Has Been Very Busy

I've had somewhat of a "symptom-less" pregnancy. Not a lot of morning sickness in my first trimester. None of the typical pregnancy symptoms. I counted my blessings and didn't complain, and I was hoping that this was a sign that my Little Miss was going to be an easy child.

But something has happened this week. Tomorrow I'll be 26 weeks and apparently my daughter has been working hard on growing because TIMES, THEY ARE A-CHANGING.

The first thing that started to hit this week is heartburn. I've never really struggled with heartburn, so naturally my initial response to the feeling was I AM HAVING A HEART ATTACK. Thankfully, WebMD assured me that this was a typical pregnancy symptom and heartburn tends to creep up towards the end of your second trimester. I've been poppin' Tums like nobody's business and sleeping on an incline and all that jazz. Everyone has told me that heartburn is a sign that baby girl will have a lot of hair. While I would love to see her in pretty bows from the get go, I'm also not really enjoying this heartburn stuff.

Also, the acid reflux side of heartburn makes my vocal chords all jacked up, so now I'm talking funny. All deep and raspy. I sound beaaauuuuuutiful.

The second thing that has just started happening is the leg cramps in the middle of the night, or what some people call a Charlie Horse. I'm not sure why they are called Charlie Horses, all I know is that they hurt like the dickens and they wake me up going "oooh ooh oooh!!!!!!!" and I have to lay there and wince in pain while massaging my calf at three in the morning. And that really disturbs my pillow situation that takes forever for me to perfect. (Also, I'm not really sure what "the dickens" is or what it feels like, but it hurts like the dickens. So there.)

Between the twelve pillows I've got propped up around me, my hacking cough from the acid reflux, the snoring, the Charlie Horses and the ever-growing belly, I'm sure I'm really a beautiful sight for my husband to see when he rolls over.

Oh, little girl. You're already rocking my world..... it's a good thing I already love you a whole lot.

FACT: I walked through Baby Gap on Tuesday and I smiled like an idiot the entire time. I walked around and COULD NOT GET THE SMILING TO STOP. It was either that or start crying so I opted for the smiling.

And then I bought her a dress and a cardigan because I really think she needed a cardigan. Now I just need to find a matching headband. Which will look great with all the hair she seems to be growing.


  1. Ok so this isn't a fun solution but I had to totally give up caffeine, including chocolate, during pregnancy b/c the heartburn was so bad. I LOVE chocolate, but hated the heartburn worse. It completely took the heartburn away. Just thought I'd share. Congrats on baby times ahead!

  2. Your post made me ALMOST miss being pregnant. Ha! I had TERRIBLE heartburn and acid reflux for NINE MONTHS! I finally caved in and asked the doctor for something for it besides tums...WHAT A GODSEND! If it gets too bad, don't be afraid to ask for something if the Tums stop working or cause stomach issues (as was the case with me). For leg cramps...BANANAS BANANAS BANANAS. Your potassium is a banana or two a day! Good Luck!

    PS - after 9 months of heartburn one would've thought my sweet girl would have come out with tons of hair...nope...not a lick. At 4 months we are still attaching bows on alligator clips to crocheted headbands!