Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Afternoon Ramblings

1. You know I'm going to have a lot of words to say when I start doing the numbered paragraph blog post. It means I have all sorts of thoughts on a variety of topics that have nothing to do with one another. BUCKLE. UP.

2. I forgot to mention Grey's Anatomy in my previous post about television shows. I can't handle all the emotional drama going on over there but I can't stop watching it. Also, after seeing the preview for this week's Season Finale, I am now certain that I wouldn't go to Seattle Grace Hospital for even a band-aid. They've got some serious bad luck over there.

3. Sometimes I still pinch myself and thank the Lord that I have the luxury and blessing of being able to work from home. I love the fact that if I'm uncomfortable I can work from the couch or from bed. Yesterday I got super exhausted around 2pm and realized that I can take a nap if I want to. And I did. I only slept 45 minutes but it was awesome.

4. My clothing options are dwindling. I really hate to spend more money on clothes that I'll only wear for a few more months, but I'm really running out of options and things are looking kinda funky on me.


6. I know that that is what is supposed to happen but UM, HI, THAT THING IS BIG.

7. This morning my leg was asleep but simultaneously was overcome with a Charlie Horse that was out of this world. It was a strange sensation. And my toes were all crampy and turned different directions and I just sat at my kitchen table banging my leg into submission and I think Grant thought that I was having convulsions.

8. I really want to have another ultrasound. I miss my little girl. I haven't seen her since 19 weeks and I am now 30 weeks. I know she must have changed so much and gotten so big because SHE IS EVERYWHERE and I really want to know what she is doing in there. She camps out on the right side of my belly and I'd like to know if that is her feet or her arms. And also I'd like to see her sweet little profile again because it is just too darling for words.

9. The other day I was on the couch and Grant was in the kitchen. I hollered out to him, "Hey Babe, if you want to see a freak show, you can come in here and watch my belly move around entirely on its own". He replied, "No thanks, I'm good". I don't blame him.

10. I got an email the other day from Victoria's Secret advertising their summer swimsuits and I laughed and laughed and laughed.

11. We went to Dallas this weekend for Mother's Day. Well, we went because Scarlett and Juliet (WHO ARE ABOUT TO TURN SIX, SWEET MERCY) had an Irish Dance competition and we got to see those little twinkies do their thing. They had FOCUS and INTENSITY when they danced and I had to stop myself from smiling like a fool. They were all kinds of serious and it was just stinkin' adorable.

12. My niece Grace got a little confused regarding the phrase "What in the world?" because she is now loudly exclaiming "WHAT in the TOWN?!" when she sees something unbelievable.

13. "What in the town" is now a part of my catalog of phrases that I say on a daily basis. It's up there with "I'm hungry" and "I need to lay down" and  "Add Cheese".

14. I've been on an Etsy kick lately and I do believe that I'm going to get myself into trouble. Don't tell on me. But seriously how do I stop.

15. This blog must end.


  1. Hahaha, I don't mean to laugh at your pain, but just picturing your numb/crampy leg made me laugh out loud! And just wait, the alien moving around in your belly is going to get way worse :)

  2. Um I got that same Victoria's Secret email and did the same thing- right before i deleted it... a little sadened I must admit :-)hope your feeling good!! 30 weeks!! Yahoo :-)