Thursday, June 13, 2013

Status Report

So... here's what's been going on around here.

This little girl will be 11 months on Sunday. ELEVEN. You know what comes after that? TWELVE. I can't handle it. Can not handle. 


I mean seriously.

Last weekend we went to Lake Travis with our Bible study group. 5 couples, 2 nights, no kids, lots of sunshine, lots of relaxing, lots of food and drinks, lots of laughing, a dance party, sleeping in, swimming in the lake, cruising in a boat... it was heaven.

And there was a porch swing. And I lived on it for 48 hours.

It was the longest I had been away from Ellie since she was born. A little over 48 hours. It doesn't sound that long, but it was such a nice break. I came home feeling rejuvenated and refreshed and ready to tackle the week! Big thanks to my parents for watching Lady Bug for us so we could go play on the lake with our friends. I did pretty well, but on the drive home on Sunday I was READY to see her. 

It's been a busy week, full of errands and laundry and trying to keep up with an ever-changing baby girl. She is active. She is opinionated. She is hungry. She is needy.

She is awesome.

She is learning new tricks. This afternoon she pulled herself to standing for the first time. I should add that as soon as she pulled herself up to the standing position, she started pooping, so there's that. Like I said, new tricks. She loves paper. She loves going to get the mail. It is a requirement that I hand her a piece of junk mail as we walk back to the house or we have an epic meltdown on our hands. 

It is hotter than blazes here in Houston. We are baking. The last few days I've taken Ellie to the park to swing and we only last a few minutes because we both start melting. She has fun for about 90 seconds and then I can see it all over her face. "Mama, I am all kinds of uncomfortable." Me too, little love. Me too.

Grant is working like crazy and I'm so glad that his job allows him to work from home. It gets a little cramped sometimes. There have been moments where I have to take Ellie out to the backyard cause Grant is trying to have a phone conversation while Ellie is expressing her feelings and emotions. She can get pretty loud. When we bought this house, it was just the 2 of us and we both worked out of the house over 40 hours a week. Now, we are both home, with a baby, and Grant tries to conduct business. We have a bit of a layout problem. There's no place for Grant to sequester himself from the rest of the activity of the home. Also, Ellie's nursery is sandwiched between our master bathroom and the utility room. Lots of noise involved with both of those rooms. 

All of that said, I also must add that we are feeling super blessed. What we have is more than enough. We are thankful for this beautiful home and will stay here as long as we need to! 

I'm also really thankful for this guy.

He is the best of the best. 

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