Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mama Got Some Brand New Hair

Spring has sprung. 


I'm hoping that the cold months are behind us and we can enjoy the sunshine! I have been ready for a change in many areas of my life. Changes in home decor (I went to Target the other day and spend $80 and totally redecorated our guest bathroom), changes in beauty products (it was time to change eyeliners. It was just time), and now, a change in hair.

I took a deep breath before my friend Liz chopped my hair off. I had to tell her to just give me a minute.....

But she did it.

And I LOVE it!

Can't wait to try to style it on my own.... that is always quite a challenge after the stylist does it so cute.

Plus, I got 2 new pairs of shoes today so we are just living on the edge over here.

Who knows what I'll do next?! New front door wreath? New dish towels? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.


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