Thursday, May 15, 2014

Paper Plates Are Becoming A Viable Option

As our marriage has progressed, so have my cooking abilities. I'm still not great, but I have become much more adventurous and confident. I try new things and I even add my own twist onto things as I go along. If awards were given out to everyday adults (and I'm pretty sure that should be a thing) I would definitely be nominated for "Most Improved in the Kitchen."

Because, let's face it, I pretty much knew how to make spaghetti when we first got married. Without the meat. And, of course, I've always been an expert at Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. I WOULD BE A GOLD MEDALIST IN KRAFT MACARONI AND CHEESE MAKING. Let's just make that crystal clear.

On Sunday nights or Monday mornings, I sit down with my laptop and a pen and paper and I make my grocery list. The first thing I do is search for recipes (some new, some old favorites) to plan our meals for the week. I usually cook 3-4 times per week and I try to vary it up. I also try to make enough on Mondays to give us leftovers to last us through the week. Also, Monday nights we host small group and I like to make extra food since we usually have some people coming straight from work and they haven't eaten dinner yet.

This week's meals:

Monday: Southwestern Chicken and Vegetables
Tuesday: Steak and baked potatoes
Wednesday: BBQ Chicken Lettuce Wraps (made for today's lunch instead due to last minute dinner plans)
Thursday: Crock Pot Pork Ribs, Mashed Potatoes (from scratch, y'all) and fresh green beans

To be honest, I really do get great joy from making mashed potatoes from scratch. Over time, I've perfected my own little recipe. Although I could never write it down because I just eye ball everything. I've never been one to pay attention to detail.

Unfortunately, after 3 people in this household ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner in this household today... the dishes are abundant. Overflowing, if you will.

I have been loading this dishwasher for what feels like hours.

I just had to walk away for a minute and take a break. And I still have all those mixing bowls. And the crockpot. WITH THE PORK RIB GREASE. And the BURNED SAUCE CAKED ON TO THE SIDE OF THE CROCKPOT. 


And also let it be known that we have zero clean knives in the silverware drawer. Every knife we own is in that dishwasher. And this is just from today.....

I think back to when we first bought this house at the end of 2009. It was just me and Grant. We were never home for breakfast, we were never home for lunch, and we were maybe home at a decent dinner hour once or twice a week. I probably cooked once a week. Which means I ran my dishwasher about twice a week. Seriously.

And now he works from home and I'm a stay at home mom and we have a toddler who requires many different beverages and snack cups in her busy life and I run my dishwasher every single dad-gum-live-long day. Sometimes twice a day.

And I need to go back and finish loading.

But I just want to sit on my couch and watch "The West Wing" because I am very hip and now and with it by watching a show that started in 1999.

It also needs to be said that nothing infuriates me more than when I can not fit all my dirty dishes in the dishwasher and some have to wait and sit in the sink until the next load. DRIVES ME CRAZY.

I already have enough crazy to go around. We don't need to add to it.

Maybe when I can't fit anymore dishes in there I'll just throw the remainder away. Sounds likes a plan to me. 

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  1. LOVE it! You don't want to know what my dishwasher has to go through. LOL Since I am temporarily one armed for a while we have used paper plates. My advice is to find a way to line pans. I cook pizza on foil. When baking ribs or roast in the over I line the pans with foil. I use parchment paper when baking. The best way to get the stuck stuff in the crockpot is to put really hot water and soap in it as soon as you empty it. Soak it for a while and it will wipe right off. The kraft website has a really good recipe list where you supposedly can use one bag of "kraft products" for various recipes all week.

    Just breathe while you stare down those dishes. :)