Thursday, May 28, 2015

UK Trip 2015: Day 3 at St. Andrews and My Favorite Picture Ever

When we were planning this whole little extravaganza, the boys knew that if we were in the vicinity of St. Andrews they would try their darndest to play it. For those of you who aren't married to men who are obsessed with the game of golf- let me try to explain.

St. Andrews is like Mecca.

St. Andrews is the birthplace of golf. The game was first played at the Links at St. Andrews in THE EARLY 1400's. FOR REAL. It's home to the British Open and the boys just haaaaad to play it. Unfortunately, it's not real easy to get a tee time. The boys had to put their names in a lottery. They tried to get on for Friday, and were unable - but thankfully they got a tee time Saturday and THEY. WERE. PUMPED. Their tee time was for the Old Course which is such a historic place.

We hopped in our rental car and took the drive from Edinburgh to the town of St. Andrews. This was so fun to do as we got to see a lot of the countryside and rural areas. We saw sheep and goats and cows and fields and fields of rapeseed. Yes, rapeseed. It's everywhere in Scotland. This is what rapeseed looks like:

Thank you, Google, for this picture. 

We got to St. Andrews and I thought the guys were going to explode with joy.

They rented clubs there (ain't no way we were going to be dragging their golf bags around the United Kingdom when they weren't even guaranteed to get on the course) and went to warm up. Tiffany and I went to lunch in the clubhouse.

Here's my pretty Tiff and some gorgeous bowls of macaroni and cheese and also some fries for good measure:

After lunch, we decided to leave the boys to do their thing and we would go walk around and explore St. Andrews. As we were leaving, we saw the boys about to tee off. They were taking a pic:

Their caddy was taking the picture. We stood off to the side, and commented how funny it would be if we got in the picture of this most historic and famous of places. Before I knew it, Tiffany and taken off. I couldn't let her do it alone, so I decided to hop into the picture too. 

We danced into frame, the caddy laughed, we were so tickled with ourselves, and then we continued our walk, hoping that we got into the picture and that it turned out. We had no idea if it worked. We just knew that when we saw the boys later, we would ask to see their phones. 

We headed out onto our little journey. It was a long walk, but it was a great day. St. Andrews is also the home of St. Andrews University, which is where Prince William and Princess Kate went to college. We even had a Kate sighting:

Tiff and I ventured into the remains of St. Andrews Cathedral and castle (I'm stealing lots of your pics, Tiff) (Sorry not sorry)

We are very mature. 

The castle was beautiful. We even saw the Chariots of Fire beach!

It was an absurdly windy day. We had hot chocolate at a little coffee shop called The Point, which has a very intriguing advertisement in the window:

We sat and enjoyed hot chocolate with marshmallows and planned out everything we wanted to do in London and on what days. 

Eventually, we headed back to the golf course and waited for the boys to be done. When they finally joined us, they were thrilled but exhausted. They said it was the strongest wind ever and playing golf was challenging but also awesome. 

I asked to see Grant's phone to see if the picture from earlier and turned out. 

Boy, did it ever.


And by "we" I mean me and Tiffany. The boys weren't all that amused. They didn't think it was that funny. But Tiff and I couldn't stop looking at it. 

It's my favorite pic from the whole trip. Maybe even in life. Tiffany's face. Oh my goodness. 

It's just gold.

We drove back through the countryside and headed back to the Edinburgh airport to turn in our rental car as we would be heading to London the next day by train. We turned in our car so late that the tram back into the city was no longer operating. We hopped on a bus and rode on the upper deck and laughed and talked and Tiff and I annoyed the guys as usual. It was a great night and we Facetimed Ellie and went to sleep. This was one of my favorite days of the trip!

Tune in tomorrow to hear about our first train ride and our attempt to see the baby Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. 

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