Monday, July 6, 2015

One of My Most Favorite Weekends in the History of Ever

Why did this weekend have to end?! We just had the most fun, and it was so relaxing, and there was so many things accomplished around the house and so much time spent with those we love and so much food eaten. I'll try to recap it here, but I'm not sure I can do it justice....

Because of the celebration of Independence Day (Happy Birthday, America!!) Grant had Friday off of work. We slept in (well, Grant and I slept in) (Ellie was up before 7am and was promptly put in between us in our bed with an iPad so Mommy and Daddy could sleep for a little longer) and then Grant and Ellie made pancakes. She was so happy to help stir and then Grant even put some strawberry and powdered sugar on hers. She said her pancakes had snowflakes on them. Grant must've been in a wonderful mood or something cause he also hung drapes for me in the breakfast room. Aren't they pretty?!

We then headed out for a showing of the new Pixar movie, "Inside Out." It was so funny and cute. It was waaaay over Ellie's head as far as understanding the concept but it definitely held her attention and she liked it. I did tear up on two separate occasions because I'm a big sap and Pixar has a way of destroying me with well timed musical scores and incredible acting from cartoon characters. Go see the movie! It's really sweet.

Also, we let Ellie dress herself for our outing to the movies. She chose an Anna and Elsa shirt, some jeggings, white sandals, and a backwards hat.

Friday afternoon I took a nap while Ellie napped (GLORY!) and then we headed out to Cypress to have BBQ with my parents. It was a blast and after the meal we headed out to the porch of the restaurant where Ellie ran around, my mom and I had a visit, and my dad and Grant sat in pigs and played checkers, because this is Texas.

Saturday morning was the 4th of July, so we started our day by heading out for donuts. Our neighborhood has an annual 4th of July parade, so we brought our donuts back to the hood and opened the back of my car for a little donut and parade watching tailgate.

Ellie LOVED it. She saw the firetruck and started jumping. Everyone waved at her and threw candy at her. We brought home way too much candy but Grant seems to be singlehandedly taking care of that problem. 

For lunch on Saturday, we had the absolute delight of meeting up with our friends Justin and Julie who moved to Austin a few years ago, and since then have had themselves a pair of twins! Josie and Judah were the most squishable little things I ever did see. AREN'T THEY LITTLE DOLL BABIES?!

Ellie even got a little big sister practice with sweet Josie girl...

It was so nice to catch up with Justin and Julie and love on those sweet little love bugs!

Saturday afternoon while Ellie napped, Grant and I worked on his office as it still hadn't really been put together since we moved in back in March. We also watched golf and took naps. 

I AM TELLING Y'ALL - this weekend was GLORIOUS.

Saturday night we picked up some Whataburger and met some people from church in the back of a Target parking lot to watch a big fireworks show. La Centerra is a big shopping area in the Katy area and they do a big display every year. Parking is crazy though and to get a good spot you have to get there at a ridiculous time. So, a friend recommended the nearby Target parking lot and I'm so glad we did it! We sat in folding chairs and the kiddos ran around and the fireworks were great and then we packed up and headed home and it was so easy and wonderful. And to top it off, it actually felt pretty good outside! And this is Texas! In July! And I'm pregnant! And somehow I wasn't hot!?! COULD THIS WEEKEND GET BETTER?!


Yesterday morning Grant was up and at 'em and made me scrambled eggs and bacon because he is wonderful. We headed to church and it was just amazing. Ellie had a wonderful time in Sunday School (she still hasn't stopped talking about it) and the pastor gave an incredibly Biblically-based and incredibly applicable sermon about delighting in the Word of God. The worship was so great and it was just a wonderful service. 

After church, we headed to Whole Foods. We ate lunch as a family in the Whole Foods (I LOVE ME A BUFFET LINE) and then we grocery shopped together. I actually love grocery shopping as a family because I never forget anything and Grant gets to contribute. Plus, Ellie gets to push around a little child size shopping cart and I'm not sure anything really gives her greater joy. And to top it off, I don't have to load or unload the car! 

We got home, Ellie napped for forever and Grant and I finished up his office. It's DONE and he has a much more organized space to get his work done.  I feel better as well as that room was the last room to be filled with boxes and those are gone.

And finally, last night we went over to Ricky and Olga's house for a July 5th party. Justin and Tiffany were there. The little girls played in the playroom and the adults hung out and talked and ate all the yummy food Ricky and Olga provided. Sweet Olga is like 35 WEEKS PREGNANT WITH TWINS and her house looked amazing and she had steaks, potatoes, veggies, salad, and dessert for us. She's my hero. We finished the evening on the back porch with fireworks and it was just the best night.



Now we're back to normal life, but I am so thankful for this weekend and for my people. God Bless America, indeed.  

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