Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Morning Update

We're slowly trucking through October over here and I am thrilled. The sooner October is over, the sooner it is baby time! I want Jack to stay in me for as long as he needs to but also I'd very much like to not be pregnant. I've been pregnant since February. I HAVE BEEN PREGNANT SINCE FEBRUARY, FOR THE LOVE.

Here'a few pics from the last week or so...

This is me with my two children, both getting all up in my personal space.

Jack gets an excuse since he lives inside of me, but Ellie has lately been attached to me physically at all times. I try not to complain over this since she has never been especially cuddly, but lately she has needed me to be next to her and she has needed to be physically touching me. I try really hard to savor those moments. But also did you know that it is super hot? Yeah. But I'm letting her do her thing. I think she knows there's change on the horizon and she's getting a smidge clingy. I'll take it. 

One day after work last week, Grant was out in the front yard doing something with the grass (I'm not really sure what all he does out there) and Ellie asked if she could go outside and see her daddy.  I opened the door and let her out since I was cooking dinner. About 15 minutes later, I realized I hadn't heard from her or him and got a little worried. I thought perhaps they might have walked to the playground down the street.  But, no. 

She's fully clothed, running through sprinklers.

I couldn't help but laugh. Why are daddies so much more fun than mommies?

He just turned to me and said "it's the last days of Summer!"

She had a blast and she ran out some energy so we were all good. Isn't that a gorgeous picture though? Grant took it and I think I may frame it. 

On Friday, our friend Blythe and her mommy came over to play and the girls had such a fun time. 

The pigtails and the ruffle butt and the Saints jersey... I just can't. 

They are too cute. 

The girls played in Ellie's kitchen and ate cookies and had to work on the art of sharing. This is what the little years are made for! We also let them jump on the bed because they are little monkeys and we are pushovers.

This week is filled with more of the to-do list and just laying around feeling less than energetic. I was telling Grant last night that every day I feel like doing less and less. I pulled clothes out of the dryer last night and then basically felt like giving myself a trophy and calling it a day. I get very winded very easily. 

Here's to hoping those clothes get folded sometime this week!

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