Saturday, March 24, 2007


Yes, that's right. Grant and I are making friends. We are beginning to have a Louisiana social life!! :) Lindsey & Josh, and Leah & JP are officially our friends. Last night we all went to Carabba's and then back to our place to play poker. I'm stealing a few of Lindsey's pics here:

This is Lindsey, me and Leah. They both lived in West Virginia, but did not know each other. Although, Leah and JP moved to Louisiana from TEXAS! :)
These are the husbands that refused to pose. Grant, JP, and Josh. They all couldn't understand why the girls wanted to take all these pictures when we had just met each other. Silly husbands.

Back at our place playing poker (I changed clothes) Grant didn't want to take a picture. But I'm posting this anyways :) Thanks Lindsey for letting me steal your pictures :)
Grant is out walking Moxie right now, but I think we may go drive around and have a day date. I've been craving a hot dog. And the closest Fuddruckers is in New Orleans. Where else can you buy a hot dog?? (Besides a sports game)
I hope everyone is having a good weekend! Love ya bye!

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  1. YAY for making fun friends. I love the picture of you and Grant! SO fun!! I love you!!! :)