Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Office

Good morning everyone :) I'm about to head off to work. Typically, when I get there I have 30 minutes all to myself before anyone gets there. I usually use this time to check my email, read up on celebrity news, etc. You know, the important stuff! Ha, ha. But today is a different day.

There are two attorneys in the office. Greg is the one who runs the whole show. His wife Natalie is the accountant for the company. Yesterday she sat me down and explained to me that she and Greg would be gone until 2:00 today. In this time period she wants me to rearrange the office. All of it.

She said that she doesn't like to do it while Greg is there because he panics. She says moving things around makes him nervous, and he is better off just seeing the finished product. (Wives know their husbands SO well!)

I'm fine with this, really I am. But there is ALOT to move. Every desk has a computer, full of wires and things that I'm a little afraid to touch. What if I mess something up???

So when I get to work this morning, I have to make a plan. I diagram even. I gotta figure out where all this stuff is going. And I hope I don't pull a muscle, because then nothing is getting done!!

Anyways, tonight I am making pork chops and mashed potatoes for dinner. I've told Grant already because sometimes he feels the need to eat lunch at 4:30 so when he comes home for dinner he's not hungry at all. But I am! So I eat dinner all by my lonesome... but not tonight!

Off to work I go, wish me luck in my office re-arranging endeavors!!

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