Monday, April 23, 2007

And I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing......

Good morning! It's Monday (blah) and I am going to do my best to make the most of this week. I am constantly waiting by my phone with anticipation. This could very well be the week that I get that wonderful call! My sister Jaclyn is going to give birth to baby Grace any minute now and I am beyond excited! My prayer is that everything works out in a way that I am able to take off work and spend a few days in Houston with my new niece.

Grant and I had a wonderful weekend. Friday night we got to see our friend Andrew. He is the manager of the track team at A&M and they had a meet at LSU, so we had dinner at Sammy's. It's always nice to see Andrew. He was Grant's roommate when Grant and I first started dating, so he was with us every step of the way!

Saturday morning we drove into New Orleans. Grant, his brother and his Dad got to fish! They took the boat out. Meanwhile, my sister-in-law Ronda and I had a nice girls day! We had lunch at LaMadeleine, did some damage at Target and went to see a movie. We saw "In The Land of Women". Not the greatest movie ever, but not the worst. It had alot of nice little moments. I'd rent it.

Yesterday morning Chase & Ronda gave me a ride home. Grant stayed in New Orleans to watch the Zurich Open (golf tournament). I'm so glad he got to go see that. He really enjoyed it. And after his very tiring weekend, my husband came home and cooked me dinner. So sweet.

So now I'm at my desk at work. I felt a little down this weekend. I feel like I'm missing out on alot back home. My twin nieces were in Houston this weekend and I missed it. Joanna had her bridal portraits and I missed that. The HCC gala was Friday night and I missed that. It's hard sometimes, but I always remember that God has a purpose for me here as well. I think I've been so focused on what I'm missing at home I forget what I'm supposed to be doing here. I am slowly and surely beginning to feel a little more settled. I am beyond blessed and I have made some wonderful friends here. I have a wonderful job that I enjoy. I am learning so much about sacrifices and compromises. And I'm learning how to be a good wife and love Grant. I really love my life and I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

AND tonight the Bachelor comes on and for that I'm very thankful! :-D


  1. Promise you really aren't missing that much! You'll be here sooner than you know it, with a new baby!

    I love you!!

  2. I can't find much to encourage you with right now, Jen. I feel that you and I are in the same boat. You and I both know in our heads that this is where the Lord has us, but our hearts don't understand why.

    It's those dadgum nieces (and that precious Jude)!! They are just too precious to be away from!!

    I pray the Lord encourages your heart this week!


  3. I am tired of being anonymous, i really am!! :) I think the time may be drawing near for a BLOG!!! I am still not sure, so please don't get so excited you pee your panties :)
    I love you!! Know that i am praying for you and i know that He has a perfect plan and purpose for your time in Baton Rouge! You just keep trusting His provisions and know that as faithful as He was to bring you Grantly He will be faithful again to reveal Himself to you!!
    I love you dearest one!