Monday, April 16, 2007


I'll post more pictures of Girls Weeked later... but I just had the urge to post a little about my husband. I need to brag on him a little bit! :)

Friday, I rushed home from work to get the house ready for the girls. When I got home, the house was cleaned already!! Grant stayed with all us girls Friday night, but Saturday he sacrificed and went and stayed with his parents. He is so sweet to give me all that girl time! Sunday morning he drove all the way back home from New Orleans so we could go to church.

Bottom line, the man loves me very well. Does that make sense? He just knows what I need and when I need it. He uses tough love sometimes (sadly, I need that more often than not) and other times he can be so gentle with me. He's my problem solver, my fighter, my partner in crime, and my listener. We LOVE to mess with each other.

Last night, we were going to bed and a lamp was on. I asked him if he would turn it off and he said "I'm so tired, I could go to sleep with the light on". I said "Ohh Reallllly????" So I got up, turned on all the lamps in the room, the closet light, the bathroom light, and the bedroom light. Then I climbed back into bed. We playfully argued about who was going to turn off the lights, and he said "If you don't turn them off, I'm sleeping in the guest room". I playfully pulled the covers over my head and said good night. Grant got up and went to the guest room. Now it was playtime. I got up, turned off all the lights, and I knew he would come back. So I snuck into the living room and laid on the couch. Sure enough, just like I knew he would, he comes back to bed and lays down, thinking I'm in bed with him. I hear him roll over to cuddle me, but I wasn't there! He just laughed and said "Come back to bed babe".

I love how much we laugh together, how I know what he is going to say. I love that he takes care of me and sometimes he lets me take care of him. People always ask me if I like being married. My response? "It's so much better". I know we're still in the "honeymoon phase" but I just love being with him everyday. He's my best friend.

I thank the Lord everyday for blessing me with such a God-fearing, loving, handsome husband!!

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  1. Awww, I can't wait for that!!! Ya'll are so sweet!