Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 and an Update!

Oooohhh girls! It has been TOO LONG! I miss all of you! My apologies for the lack of updating. But I have the motherload for you today... with pictures!!

Lets start off with CHRISTMAS! Husband and I went to Texas as you all know, and it was wonderful. I had some amazing, extended quality time with my parents, sisters, and ALL THREE of my nieces. Scarlett and Juliet are talking like crazy and the Parker is getting cuter by the second! We came home with all kinds of goodies. I got a new watch, a fabulously soft bathrobe from Bath and Body Works, some new clothes for work (Thank You, Jesus), and a plethera of gift cards. I also got to see my Lindsee, my Joanna, the precious Lamberts, and my Tiffany, who I had not seen in a whole year. Thank you God for Texas visits!

We came on home and turned right around to head to Biloxi, Mississippi for our One Year Anniversary! That's right my friends! Jen the Newlywed has been married for a whole year. Grantley surprised me by taking me to the Beau Rivage resort for a little overnighter. We had a ball. AND I got to wear the dress and shoes he bought me for Christmas. Remember these shoes? Well sweet precious husband took the hint and got them for me with a matching dress! Here are some pics from our trip:
This was the view from our room

The dress and shoes I got for Christmas from my husband of one year!

Ya'll, this dessert was insane. It was compliments of the chef, and it included vanilla icecream, milk chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate ice cream, a chocolate chip cookie, a macadamia nut cookie, an oatmeal cookie, a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese topping, a peanut butter graham cracker and devils food cake. For reals.

Well, all that took place on December 29. Our anniversary is December 30. We spent the vast majority of December 30 in the emergency room. Grant was dehydrated and needed some fluids and it reminded me very much of how I felt on December 30, 2006. Remember that? He is fine now! We are more laughing about it now more than anything. Happy Anniversary to us!

Last night was New Year's Eve! Our friends from church, Matt & Julie threw a little shindig and we had a ball!

Here are some of the girls!

The guys, watching football. We were annoyed.

Sweet baby Jacob!

Me and Katie, ringing in the new year together!

Happy New Year! (We were trying to get the fireworks in the background, it wasn't happening!)

So, as for me, I have decided that instead of making a New Year's Resolution that will never be kept, I am going to establish a general theme for 2008 that I hope to keep up with. This is going to be the year of organization for Jen. It is something I've always struggled with and this is the year for it!

I have missed ya'll. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I pray that we all have a blessed 2008!


  1. Love it, love it, love it! Love everything about the post because I was needing an update!! :)

    Love you much!!!

  2. Major points to you, Grant!! Way to take care of your lady!

    Hope you enjoyed your anniversary!

    Love y'all!

  3. The pix are fabulous and you both look stunning! Happy anniversary, Happy new year!! Thanks for the scoop....you were missed. But, it sounds like things were perfect.....minus the trip to the ER!

    Blessings and organization for you~

  4. you look so pretty!!!the shoes are just amazing!!!

  5. Actually Gloria was 12 hours old in that photo!! We waited until the last minute to get our Christmas cards out just so that she could be in the family photo with us!

  6. Those shoes are absolutely adorable. Loved your pictures Jen and love your amazing love from your big God for your husband! Aw!