Friday, January 4, 2008


1. I am loving the cold weather!

2. The past couple days, I have had an extremely hard time getting out of bed in the morning. Maybe it's because I was off work for a few days and my routine is thrown off. Who knows...

3. No matter what I make for dinner, no matter how long it takes to cook and how much Grant loves it, nothing tastes better than Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

4. Being married for a year makes me pretty proud!

5. My two bedroom apartment feels as if it is getting smaller and smaller by the hour.

6. I am so over this writer's strike. I am doing far too much housework for lack of better things to watch ;)

7. I love being a daughter of God. I love the security of knowing Him and also the mystery of all the things I don't know. It makes our relationship so exciting!

8. Sometimes, Grant will go into the guestroom and play his guitar with the door shut. I hear him singing in there. He shuts the door so he isn't bothering me, but I usually stop whatever I'm doing and just sit on the couch and listen to Him singing praises. It is one of my most favorite times of day, hearing Him sing to Jesus!

9. I talked to both Lindsee and Joanna on the phone yesterday for an extended period of time. There is something about chat time with your best girlfriends that puts a finishing touch on your day! (Speaking of Lindsee, go buy one of her plates!)

10. One of our clients from work brought us homemade Gumbo for lunch. I am thankful for yummy little surprises like that.

11. Doing crunches everynight is totally overrated. It hurts, and it is not fun. Exercising is not fun. Blaaaah.

12. I've lost six pounds :)

13. I have a Diet Coke every morning. Call me disgusting. Whatever. It is my lifeline!

14. Yesterday, I was walking into the courthouse for work. A sweet little homeless lady was sitting on the courthouse steps. We made eye contact, so I smiled at her as I walked by. She hollered out to me "HI PATRICIA!". I stopped, and turned around, and said "I'm sorry?". And then she just said " I feel so bad for Patricia......". I went into the courthouse and did my errands, and as I left to head back to my car, I tried to avoid eye contact as she shouted across the sidewalk "BYE PATRICIA!". Alrighty then....

15. Yesterday at lunch we were talking about children who mispronounce things. When I was a little girl I called the Marble Slab "Bubble Slob". Also, my cabbage patch doll was "Cabbage Catch". Jaclyn's cabbage patch doll was named "Suzie Betty".

16. On my desk at work I have 5 framed pictures: One of my parents, another of Me, Lindsee, Sally, and Joanna, another picture of Grant and I on our wedding day, another picture of the twins, and the last one is of the Parker :)

17. Right now my toenails are painted a very bold shade of red. The name of the shade is called "I'm Not Really a Waitress". HAHHAHAHHAAHAHAHA!!!!

18. I'm hungry.

19. I've lost six pounds.

20. Have a nice day! :)


  1. this was the best part of my day.

  2. This made me smile! Lord have mercy i miss you :)

  3. I love reading your blog. It is fun to peek into your life.

  4. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog this morning. It is exciting, and I'm glad to have you along for the ride! I've linked your blog on mine - I hope you don't mind.


    Oh my, I am so glad I wasn't with you. I would have been flat out rude because I would have laughed so dang hard!!! :)

    Thanks for the plate link, friend!

    I love that you have lost 6 pounds. With the M&M's I have right now, I can only gain 6 pounds!!!

    Love you!!!