Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Little Less Wise

My dear friends, I must confess to you..... I write to you this morning as a much less cheery Jen. I am not my happy self.

I had my wisdom teeth out on Wednesday morning. I believe that I regret my decision, being that it is now Saturday and I feel beyond dreadful.
Tuesday night was fun. My mom flew in from Houston and Grant and I had a lovely dinner with her at Superior Grill where I ate lots of chips and queso and mexican food. Tuesday before I went to bed, my doctor instructed me to take a valium. So I was feeling quite dandy.

Wednesday morning, I woke up and took another valium. So I was quite relaxed. I went in and had the surgery. Everything is pretty much a fog surrounding that. However, the doctor told my mom and Grant that my two bottom wisdom teeth "gave him a really hard time" and Grant said he heard the drill from the waiting room! AGH!

The anesthesia and pain pills kept me pretty happy most of Wednesday, if not just throroughly confused. Apparently I asked Grant the same questions multiple times, and my time frames were all screwed up.

Anyways, then it came time for the heavy duty pain pills now that the anesthesia was wearing off. Oxycodone is what I was perscribed. Alot of people love oxycodone. They get addicted to it. I wouldn't know how I feel about it, because every time I tried to take it I threw it right up. That's right folks. I have some kind of reaction to the pain pills and the only thing I've been able to stomach (literally) has been over the counter Motrin.

Now, I must say, my mom was AMAZING while she was here. (She left yesterday. Sad.) And Grant has been such the caretaker. I woke him up in the wee hours of the morning this morning begging him to get me more motrin. He has done everything without complaining and with such a tender heart. I have been well taken care of.

This was the interesting part though: because the doctor pretty much had to beat me up to get the bottom two teeth out, for 48 hours I had to wear this head wrap made out of gauze. So not only was I puffy already, now my fat face was puffing itself out of tightly wrapped bandages. I looked HOT ya'll.

I have had several wonderful visitors. Aside from my amazing mom flying all this way to see me, my dear sister-in-law Ronda came by, who is still recovering from her own surgery, as well as Katie & Mo, who brought me a million chick flicks (Grant is thrilled), and yesterday Grant's mom and grandma came to visit and brought us soup and red beans and rice. YUM!

I am eating lots of soups and jellos' and pudding. I was kinda excited when I got on the scale yesterday. It hurts to smile though.

Yesterday, mom and I ventured out to the outlet mall. I was prepared for the chipmunk face- but I was not prepared for the bruises. Ya'll, this doctor did a number on me. My face looks like it belongs in a Lifetime: Television for Women movie about battered women. It could be called "He Wouldn't Stop" or "She Finally Said Enough" or something like that. I think this woman in the Gap almost stopped me and gave me a phone number for a women's shelter.

So here I am, still puffy faced, still healing, and taking the most Motrin I can possibly take without dying. At this point I want to rewind. I want all four wisdom teeth BACK in my head. I told Grant around 3:00am that I would rather be unconscious for the next week and that someone should wake me up when the pain was gone.

Sorry I'm not a very nice girl today :( I have loved reading up on all you ladies though. Pray that I feel better by Monday when I have to go back to work!
**UPDATE: Last night before bed, I mentioned to Grant that if I made some really really ooey gooey pancakes and saturated them with syrup, I think they would be soft enough for me to eat without chewing. Just as I clicked "publish post", Grant came in with two small, ooey gooey pancakes that were INCREDIBLE. I am very well taken care of!


  1. I am SOOO sorry you are feeling so terrible, but I must say, i do appreciate the names of your lifetome movie.
    What a wonderful husband. Even mom was bragging on him to me :)

    i lvoe you sister!!!

  2. I love you and am so sorry you are in pain! It WILL get better within the next couple of days though and then we can sing at the top of our lungs again!!! I hope your cuddly socks are comforting you!!! MUAH! Loves!

  3. Oh sweet girl! I am so sorry you feel so bad! I pray that you have a good nights rest and feel refreshed tomorrow!!

    I am so thankful for Grant!! He is just a peach! Praise the Lord for wonderful husbands :)

    I love you dear friend! I miss you!! And even though you might be puffy and wearing a rather lovely head wrap...i still am honored to be your friend!!

  4. I'm feeling so sorry for my BFF right now!

    I love you and wish I could come bring you some yummy soup and maybe some Barbie coloring books just like I did when you got your tonsils out! :) Good times. (Did I ever tell you how jealous I was of all the ice cream you got to eat? Yes, I was jealous!)

    Get better soon, love. And feel better for work tomorrow! I don't want you to be miserable there!

    Love and miss you like crazy!


  5. Oh Jen, I really hope you're feeling better now! My friend had his wisdom teeth out not too long ago, and he was ROUGH! Not nice! At least you have a fab hubby taking care of you though!

  6. you funny! thanks for the confession! :) now i can lurke too!

    how did you find my blog? do we know eachother or are we new blog world friends?

    Fabulous K Designs did my blog. You can find her blog through my links.

  7. Oh Jen! How did I miss all this excitement?! I'm praying for you right now and I hope you are all back to normal and pain free.

    You are just too sweet to have to endure all that. Thank you Lord for momma's and husbands to help us out. :)