Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Something Green

Hi precious ones! I am feeling a little bit better since I last wrote to you. I am still very very sore. I think my doctor may have had a bad day the day of my surgery, and had some anger to express. That must've been the reason why I believe he punched me in the face 4 or 5 times before waking me up from the anesthesia. My head feels like it got hit by a truck!

Yesterday I was checking my mail, and one of the sweet maintenance men at the apartment stopped me and said "Oh, Miz Jennifuh, there is something green on your face". I smiled sweetly and said "Oh, it's just some bruises Mr. Troy. They were once black and blue and now they have turned a yellowish-green shade". Lovely.

Today is the first day I have put on full make up in a week. For the love. I was putting on my foundation this morning and was realizing that my L'oreal True Match make up was not going to cover up my bruises! For the first time in a LONG time I wished was wearing my stage make up when I did musicals. We had to CAKE that stuff on our face. It felt awful, but I could change my ethnicity with that stuff! HA!

I am very excited about tomorrow night! Our Bible study group is having a fondue dinner for Valentine's Day! (Have you even been to the Melting Pot? DELICIOUS!). Well we are making our own little mleting pot restaurant. I will post pictures! Don't hold me to that, ya'll know I am bad about bringing my camera places.

I would like to take a moment to rejoice in the event that THE WRITER'S STRIKE IS OVER! Hopefully within the next few months I will have some fresh new episodes of The Office to enjoy. I have so missed my shows. (By the way, Bachelor ladies, did ya'll hear that DeAnna from last season is the new bachelorette? HOW FUN!)

Okay, I am going to be a big girl now and do my work here at the office. All this typing probably makes it sound like I am doing something very important in here, like perhaps typing up the Pre-Trial Memorandum that I have been avoiding! :)

Love you friends!


  1. Oh, Jen, I am so glad that you are feeling better. It sounds like you really got a beating last week.

    I think that green looks stunning on people with beautiful red hair, so at least you got that goin' for you!

    Thanks for all your sweet, encouraging comments. I so appreciate your prayers!


  2. Ooohhhh...fondue! So fun!

    I say next time you're in town we head to the melting pot for a fun dinner?! Eh?!

    Praying your face will be back to normal in no time. :) I hate this for you!

    Love and miss you!


    (So, what if I came to visit you at the beginning of March?!!!?) Maybe?!!

  3. Yep...bring on the pix! I'm so glad you have turned the corner and feeling so much better. :)

    Green or no green, you are adorable!

    Happy Vday!

  4. I am so glad you are feeling better. I had been praying for you.
    I had heard that getting your wisdom teeth out as an adult was really hard.
    Have a great V-day!
    Love ya,