Saturday, November 8, 2008

Eat Something

Every few months I get on this big dieting kick. I finally decide to stop eating 100% carbohydrates, all day, every day and start monitoring my caloric intake. This usually doesn't last very long, don't worry.

I have also realized that the vast majority of the time, this dieting thing is usually proceeding an illness. I get sick, lose my appetite for a few days, and then I am able to practice some self control due to my lack of desire for anything heavy. Funny how that works....

Well, I am married to a man who has a hard time eating enough. Seriously. My husband is trying to gain weight. He is just too busy to stop and eat. I live to eat, he eats to live. He simply does not find the time for food, and then when he does eat he gets full very quickly. I wish our metabolisms could just change places.

So lately, it has been my goal to lose weight and his goal to gain weight. (Would'nt you love to have that problem?) He is increasing his amount of calories per day, and I am trying to reduce mine to the normal, healthy, doctor recommended level. I think that means I am reducing by 95%, give or take.

Here is how it has been playing out..... during the middle of the workday, I will suddenly find myself in the midst of a serious and desperate craving. It doesn't matter if I ate lunch 40 minutes ago, this craving is intense. I am slowly but surely learning that I don't necessarily have to eat mass quantities of food everytime I feel hungry... so.... I try to "take one for the team". I will just text message Grant at work with these two words: "Eat Something". I have sent Grant to the office with bunches of munchies to snack on throughout the day. I will text him and remind him that he needs to eat.... NOW.

Sometimes I will suggest to him the exact thing he should be eating: "Graham cracker and 2 oreos". Or, "Eat something... preferably chicken Mcnuggets". I guess I feel somewhat satisfied knowing that one of us is acheving our goal :)

In other news, today I was at a rehearsal and I saw a bag of M&Ms lying on the piano. They were open, but the top of the bag was twisted as if the owner was saving them for later. I asked the director "are those your M&M's?".... he told me they were there when he got there today.

I stared at those M&M's for 4 hours. I was this close to eating them, even without knowing to whom they belonged or for how long they had been lying there. I never ate them.

Will power, people. Will power.


  1. Firstly, congratulations on staying strong against those enticing M&Ms, that is quite an achievement my friend!

    And, secondly, I really wish I had Grant's metabolism right now, it could prove VERY useful in trying to shift post-pregnancy pounds!!

  2. wait a second...i am confused...what weight exactly are you trying to lose my skinny sister?????

  3. hi jen! i too am trying ot loose weight-- something i haven't been able to stick to since getting married. if you need accountability, let me know. we can help eachother. also, i think i am going to join weight watchers. i've seen great success with that in the past and have kept that off. just let me know. :)

  4. Oh, how we would all love to have the metabolism of Grant! :)