Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to Pick an American Idol

Alrighty ladies and gents.... we are in full Idol swing here. And I have made my decision. I have already decided who I am rooting for and I have many reasons to back up my choice.

You see, picking your choice for American Idol is a multi-faceted process. It is full of complexities, and by complexities, I mean 4 steps. Allow me to lay this procedure out for you here:

1. The voice. Clearly, this is the most important of all the factors. Is their voice pleasant to listen to? Do they seem to have a general knowledge of their instrument and know the right (and wrong) ways to use it? Is their voice edgy? Do they have alot of vocal range? Good breath support? Tone? There are so many different things that make or break a voice for me and I go through all the determining factors before I say "Hey, he/she has a good voice".

2. Musicality. Yes, this is a word. I have a pet peeve sometimes with people who come on this show and have no idea what they are doing. They couldn't tell you if their voice is in a soprano or alto range. They couldn't hit Middle C on the piano if you begged them, and they have no earthly idea about any kind of music theory. My ULTIMATE annoyance is when people put their hand up to their ear when they are singing ACAPELLA. Umm... people.... the reason some singers cover their ear with their hand when they are singing is because they can't hear themselves amongst all the noise. When you are singing acapella, you should be able to hear yourself just fine. Being able to play an instrument is a definite plus for me because it shows you truly are a musician.

3. The personality and character. Of course, this matters too. Is this person fun? Are they funNY? Are they likeable? Does he/she seem like a nice person? Do they have strong family values and seem to be drug free? Do they have a good back story?

4. Would I buy their CD? This one is perhaps equally as important to me as their voice. Why root for someone that you would not buy a CD of? When you make your idol selection, pick someone who's style and music are the most pleasing to you.

With that being said.... my choice for season 8 is..........


Let's discuss.

1. The KID CAN SING. Love his voice. His tone is beautiful and he has excellent breath support. He is not too shouty and is very pleasant to listen to.

2. Homeboy plays the guitar. And he plays it well. Next.

3. UMMMM HELLO. LOVE HIS STORY. Precious cute wife. He mentioned in an interview that he has been married for just a few months but has been with the same woman for 7 years. (That would mean they started dating when they were 16. Adorable!) And could their wedding pictures have been any cuter?!? Also... in my extensive research I have learned that he is a worship pastor at his church in Arkansas. There was a video of him on Youtube singing "God of this City". He's my boy.

4. I would absolutely by his CD. He is very John Mayer/Jason Mraz-ish and that is so my style. I would absolutely buy his CD tomorrow if he had one, especially since I think it will have a praise & worship vibe to it.

Honorable Mentions: Adam Lambert- THE KID HAS RANGE. My WORD the boy can SANG, and the fact that he was a member of the broadway cast of "Wicked" definitely gives him points in my book. Also, I enjoy Matt Giraud and Scott McIntyre for their piano playing abilities.

Your thoughts? Opinions? Who did you select?


  1. *love him too*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He i just preciousness :)

    And that wife of his....i think she would fit in great with our "group" :) HA!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for breaking this down for us!!!!! Bless your heart!!!

    Love you darling!!!!

  2. I have to say, I have not watched American Idol since Kelly Clarkson's days but you make me want to watch again!

    P.S. But I know I probably won't. Sergio talks through the whole thing on shows like this and when he states something he sees as a fault in a person I cannot seem to see past it from that point forward. It's a curse. I still can't watch Giada on the Everyday Italian on the food network because I see her as a "bobble-head" now. Sigh. Power of suggestion is apparently BIG in our home.

  3. I so love him too. I def. think a guy is going to win...
    Adam Lambert is amazing
    Danny Gokey is awesome
    Kris Allen is SO good, precious, and you are right, I would so buy his album.
    Those are my pics :)
    i love you!!!

  4. Hi, Jen! I'm a friend of Stephanie Gahm, Laura SanchezQuan, etc., and I've been stalking -- err, following -- your blog for a while now. I have to say girl, YOU CALLED IT! You must have a crystal ball! Way to go. :-)