Monday, March 9, 2009

My Weekend With Evan & Emily

Bliss. Absolute and total bliss! I spent 2 glorious days with Mr. Evan Charles and Miss Emily Grace, our brand spankin' new nephew and niece. Ya'll, be still my heart! I held those babies for hours and hours and hours. Evan and I had several great naps together and I could not be happier. They could not be more precious and God is SO faithful!

Here is Uncle Grant with his niece Emily!

And here is the very proud Aunt Jen holding the princess :)

Ya'll, I could not keep it together. I just kept crying. Isn't she beautiful?!

Emily slept on my chest for awhile. She is such a gift and a blessing.
Here is Mr. Evan, all swaddled up. DO YOU SEE THIS CHILD? I mean HONESTLY! Could he BE any cuter?

Uncle Grant and Aunt Jen with Evan Charles.

Sleepy head. He looks just like his daddy!

Here is Little Miss Thing wearing the new outfit I got for her. It is way too big, but she is flippin adorable just the same!

Praise the Lord for these little ones. I miss them already!



    Congratulations to you guys and the whole family! Precious lil thangs!!!!! Precious!!!!!

  2. **OMG**!!! Seriously ADORABLE!!!!!! i want to squeeze them :)

    And you my dear look BEAUTIFUL!!! Great Pics of you and the hubs :)

    Love you to pieces!!!!

  3. ummmm...these pictures are seriously, seriously cute. Oh my word. I think i am in love......

  4. Oh, Jen! Thanks for sharing these precious pictures with us. I can't get enough of those little ones either. They are so cute. And you and Grant look like naturals! :)

    I look forward to the day when Nate and Evan and Emily can meet each other. They are only 2 days apart and I know they will be great friends. God is SO GOOD!!!

  5. Oh goodnesss they are cute!
    I LOVE babies!
    With all the nieces and nephews you have around you - when it comes time for your little ones you and Grant will be OLD PROS - hehe
    Love you

  6. OH MY WORD!!! They are soooo beautiful. And, I think you and Grant look quite good with those sweet things too! ;)

    I'm glad you had such a good time.
    Babies make everyone so happy!

    Hugs and congrats!

  7. You are both just glowing. I mean seriously, I know it isn't what Grant wants to hear, but he looks like a complete natural! I love you all.

    What a proud Aunt & Uncle y'all are. Y'all are the best!

  8. Oh my gosh! those are the cutest babies ever!! That picture of Evan make me wants to just kiss him!

  9. sweet little things! How happy are Chase and Ronda! Delighted, I know!

    I cannot wait for Lulu's baby Mateo. I "inherited" a niece and a nephew when I married Taylor, but I am SO excited to have a newborn nephew!!!

    Your pics are so sweet!

  10. Congratulations Aunt Jen and Uncle Grant! Those babies are absolutely adorable... seriously. And you, miss Jen are very photogenic :)