Monday, June 8, 2009

Cuteness Squared

We took a last minute trip to New Orleans this weekend and I am SO GLAD that we did!
The purpose for our trip was for an amazing reason: Grant's dad was baptized on Sunday! PRAISE THE LORD!! We wouldn't have missed it for the world. His baptism spoke volumes to all who were there to see it. His testimony is powerful and proves that God can move you and use you at any age or any stage of life. It was emotional to say the least and we are so proud of dad's OBEDIENCE!

Of course, a major bonus of being there is that we got to love on our 3 month old niece and nephew, Evan and Emily. Enjoy these pics!

Here is Mr. Blue Eyes himself!

Here's Miss Emily with her Uncle Grant... can you believe how BIG they are?!

Grandy and Pappaw lovin' on their babies...

Evan loves to smile for his Pappaw!

Here is Emmy and her daddy watching some TV. Those babies do love to watch television! :)

Aunt Jen & Evan.

Such a big girl!

I had to snap this picture of my husband holding that precious girl. My mommy strings are being tugged on just a little bit :)

Big yawn mister man!

Followed by a sweet smile! :)

ohhhh I am melting into goo

Jen and the princess!

The ones who started it all! :)

Such a big boy!

Sweet Ronda. "Everyday is the happiest day of my life" she says of her life the last three months. I am so amazed by her and what a phenomenal mother she is! Not to mention that her children are the most calm and low maintenance babies I've ever come across! I love you, sister!


I looked out into the backyard and saw three generations just having a chat by the pool! :)

Praise you, Lord for Your many blessings on this family!

Here is Evan and his Pappaw watching some fishing before church on Sunday.

Miss Priss all dressed up and ready for church. She is not much of a fan of the bows, but she sure can pull it off!

Ah yes. Golf is on...... this is a general Sunday afternoon for us :)


  1. My favorite blog post ever!!!! :-) Thanks for documenting the weekend! It was so great to see y'all! We miss you both and can't wait to see you again soon!

    Love you!

  2. OH. MY WORD.!!!! They COULD NOT be cuter. I think i am in love. Seriously. Also, i love the final golf pic....y'alls faces are perfect.
    i love you sister!

  3. What a great weekend!
    The babies are SO cute and Ronda looks as beautiful as ever!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bow. So sweet.
    I also love that your Sundays look just like mine :)

  4. Precious sweet babies! Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

  5. Oo great news about the baptism- my hubby got baptized that same Sunday! Amen!

    And those babies could not be any cuter!!

  6. They are so cute and chubby I just can't stand it. I just need to kiss those cheeks. Glad y'all had a fun weekend!