Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lou's Birthday!

You will never meet another girl like my Lindsee. She is hilarious. She is compassionate. She is smart. She is sweet. She is strong. She is wise. She is great with kids. She is great with teenagers. She loves people well. She loves the Lord like nothing I have ever seen before. She will say the most ditzy things you have ever heard in your life. (Natasha Richardson who died in the skiing accident was NOT Carol Brady, Linds!) She is my best friend and I'm so glad I got to be with her on Tuesday to celebrate her birthday.
Please keep in mind, Linds was a preemie baby. She likes to talk about that alot, and how she was not quite done yet when she was born and had to be "cooked under a light" and "flipped with a spatula". You'd never know it seeing how flippin' tall she is.

I'm tellin you, we are the oddest pair of best friends you've ever seen.
On to the pictures!!

I was running late but immediately snapped this pic as soon as we sat down. How cute is she and her birthday outfit?!
Claire and Russell were there! We love them.... aren't they just precious together!?

The brothers were also in attendance. I do love those Eddy boys. They are like my very own brothers. I remember when Kevyn was born there was talk of naming him "Spug" so he would be Spug-Eddy. Cute :) And Brien is just precious all around. Him and that precious face. And holla down to Mama Kristy and Papa Sam! Thanks for dinner Sammy Pie!!
Here is Lou opening up her cards and gifts. She is so very loved!
In the big middle of the gift opening, Mr. Overly-Friendly Waiter placed this cake in front of Linds. It was all a-sparkly and shooting little hot firecrackers all over her which caused her to proclaim "Oh MERCY!" about a half a dozen times. She winced in fear during our entire "Happy Birthday" song....

Blow out the candles, Lou!!

This is what happens when too many people are taking pictures at one time. Too much flash! Bright lights on Linds! We are so like the papparazzi.

There, that's better!

The waiter took a pic of Linds with her cake. For some reason, I felt like we needed a picture of Lindsee holding a picture of Lindsee. I'm creative like that.

Lou and my parents. This wasn't working so well cause my dad kept grabbing her leg to make her laugh. It worked :)

I had to miss the after party, but my dad made Lindsee a super fantastic cake. He does that now. I'm not really sure where this man came from or what he did with my dad, but we'll keep him around since our desserts at special occasions are much more entertaining and yummy! And HOMEMADE. It is just bizarre.

As Lindsee's birthday approached, he asked me what her favorite kind of ice cream was. I remembered the many summer nights I spent at the Eddy household as a little girl. Ice cream before bed is pretty much a standard over there. Lou always wanted Mint Chocolate Chip. So that's what she got.
Great cake, Daddy! I think she liked it!
Doesn't it look delicious?!

Happy Birthday, my sweet friend. I treasure you beyond what you will ever know and I look up to you, even though I'm ten months older and always will be! :) You are AMAZING!!!


  1. Sweet pics Jen, how blessed you are to have such a great best friend! :)

  2. You are the absolute greatest and I will FOREVER cherish these sweet words. Like, seriously! Thank you, thank you so much for not only celebrating with me, but for loving me the way you do and for showing it! Not only that, you did a fabulous job of recapping the entire evening. I love it! You are a good blogger. I love you so much, BFF! Thank you for being AMAZING!!


  3. I LOVE all the pics!!! Looks like a great time and what a sweet post about your friend!