Monday, August 24, 2009

Seasons of Life

I was talking with someone the other day about the many different seasons of life we go through. Some are horrible and we never want to revisit them again. Some are full of fun and joy and we look back on them with fond memories.

Which brought me to the question... if there was a season of life I could re-live or re-visit, what would it be? Where would I want to go back to?

After much thought, I decided it would be my senior year of highschool on Friday nights. Hanging out with my very closest friends, sitting on the kitchen counter eating junk, driving up and down F.M. 1960 deciding where we wanted to eat... planning the youth group retreats, laughing until one of us was running for the bathroom.... picking out prom dresses, long drives to the lakehouse... i just can't think of a time where I had more fun. And NO responsibility. Life was good. I'm still friends with all of the same people, we are just in a different stage of life. We are married, buying houses, paying car notes, getting laid off from our jobs, dealing with insurance etc. etc. etc. I laugh sometimes at the stuff we talk about now. Our 17 year old selves would be bored listening to us talk! When did we become adults, seriously?

So, I'm curious, what season of your life would you revisit? Maybe it ws 2 years ago, maybe it was 22 years ago... but what would you like to re-live again?


  1. I want to be sitting on that kitchen counter with you again...

    And driving to the lakehouse...

    And picking out prom dresses...

    And having slumber parties every night...

    And laughing uncontrollably...

    And talking about our future...

    I love you.

  2. Well, first of all, let me say my senior year was RATHER different than yours. ;)

    I TOTALLY get what you're saying about seasons. You're getting wise in your old age, my dear!

    You know what is funny. A time I really enjoyed...being in the hospital with Matteo and Sergio those three days after Matteo was born. Most people long to hurry home with their new baby, and we were certainly glad to come home too, but I have warm fuzzy feelings of those days in the hospital -even post c-section.

    I can't describe it.

    AND when Sergio and I were first dating! Although, I am more than happy we are where we are now!!!!!

    I love ya, girl!

  3. My most favorite year was my Jr. year in highschool, going to IHOP after the movies...when i wasn't sure if "we" would click but, from that moment on i loved you!!!!!

    At this moment i want to be sitting in my room with you in Prestonwood...

    Eating lake cake!

    Riding the banana boat with Lar :)

    laying in bed with you scratching my arm!!!

    solving all the worlds problems!

    or what about the night at your house when we braided my hair...mercy!!!

    I love you!!

  4. I would like to go back to my senior year of college. I lived with 3 best friends and we had so much fun. And like you said, no responsibility, but a lot of freedom.

  5. Ooh, easy!!! My first year of marriage! Chase and I had so much fun! I was finishing my senior year of college. I was very busy taking classes but I loved it! Chase and I spent the entire year dating. We got to know the city of Houston, ate out all the time, and enjoyed just the newness of our marriage. It was such a sweet year!

  6. I wouldn't want to! Maybe I'd like to relive my wedding day nd honeymoon. But then I'd want to fast forward to where I am now.

  7. I would love to revisit either my childhood years, or my high school years. I would do it so differently! I think alot of us would, even speaking from a learning point of view! I am so sorry we didn't get to meet yesterday!! But I am looking forward to it soon!