Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Long Journey of the Snuggie

Several years ago, Grant and I were on an airplane ride to somewhere, flipping through the Sky Mall catalog. I LOVE that catalog. I always find something I need. Whether it is a nice wooden end table that you put next to your couch that also includes a wooden door that makes it a dog kennel, or a giant garden statue of a sumo wrestler that would be a great practical joke... it keeps me entertained. On this particular flight, I turned the page and saw it: A Slanket. It showed a woman, sitting on a couch typing on her laptop. And she was wearing a blanket. And the blanket had sleeves. A SLANKET!

Now, I proclaimed very loudly to Grant in that moment that I WANT ONE and he made fun of me. I think he thought I was kidding. But I was most definitely not.

A couple months later, I was checking our credit card statements and saw that something had been purchased from the Sky Mall catalog. When I asked my dear darling husband what he had purchased, he informed me that he and several of his co-workers had all chipped in to buy another co-worker a wedding gift. They all bought her a slanket. "She always is cold at her desk" he says to me. I was more than irritated that he had actually purchased a Slanket but for someone else. Rude.

Fast forward again to a couple months after that. My mom, dad, sister, and I were driving to Austin to visit my other sister and her family. While on the way there, I was explaining the Slanket situation to my family. "Why would you ever need something like that?" my dad asked me.

"Well," I explained, "you see, I don't ever ever ever watch television without a blanket. And I like to bundle up. But if I'm all bundled up and I need to change the channel, it is hard because I have to remove my arms from their warm, comfy position and expose them to the cold to change the channel".

They all found this very amusing and have not let me live it down since. But seriously. I have been known to continue watching a show that I am no longer interested in because I don't want to let cold air into my warm cocoon.

Around the same time, the commercials for The Snuggie started taking over televisions across America. I was a little annoyed that this seemed like a cheaper knock-off of The Slanket. I was also thoroughly amused at the many uses this advertising company could come up with for The Snuggie. I mean is anyone really wearing these to sporting events? It took the media by storm. Here is a picture of the cast of The Today Show wearing their Snuggies.

Anyhoo, last week, for my birthday, my mom presented me with a very special gift. It's a Snuggie. And it is LEOPARD PRINT my friends.

Side note: This was not supposed to be in this post but I uploaded it subconsciously. This is the Italian Cream cake my dad made me for my birthday. THE MAN HAS TALENT. Made it from scratch. I'm just sayin'. It was DELICIOUS!

And here I am in my Snuggie, while also utilizing the complimentary book light that came with it. It is a treasure.

How pretty is my Lindsee? (Note the Snuggie in our laps)

I have been using the Snuggie often the last few days. It is a great tool to have if you like to watch television. I highly recommend it. Do not judge.


  1. I don't judge! I saw they had the animal prints at Target. They are located not far from the baby stuff so I walk past them often. I want I want. But too, my husband laughs. I am too a blanket user ALL THE TIME and my Mom makes fun of me too ("we live in Houston Laura, why do you need a blanket?" answer "hello-it's comfortable especially when the a/c is nice and cool"

    I'm just sayin'-ROCK THE SNUGGIE!

  2. Girl
    I totally understand
    I always have a blanket over my lap when watching TV or really anytime I sit on the couch!!
    I love the leopard print - NICE!!!
    Have a great one!!

  3. i love you and your ever so trendy snuggie. You so know that everyone is jealous of you :)

  4. I am jealous of your snuggie. Very jealous.

    I think it will be on my christmas wish list. Better cross my fingers!

    And seriously, could you make me laugh any harder?

  5. Hilarious. That's so awesome that it comes with a book light. I'm so jealous! Ben always says that I live a cold existence and I think I need one too!

  6. I'm laughing, I am so sorry, is that you laying on the couch by yourself?!? I thought you were a brunette?? Where have I been? Y'all look so cute! At least it's stylish in leopard print. Does lindsee have one or is that just one big snuggie that y'all are both in??