Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meet Me in 45 Minutes!

I had SUCH a treat last night! My friend Katherine called me at 7:15 asking if I wanted to see the 8:00 showing of "Meet Me in St. Louis" with her down at the Hobby Center. Um... yes I do!!

Anyone that knows anything about me knows I love a good musical. Shockingly, I have never seen a performance of Meet Me in St. Louis. I knew the majority of the music but it was wonderful to see it in living color. The costumes, dancing, and performers were amazing. There was a 7 year old little girl that was incredible. TALENT coming out of her EARS!

Katherine, thank you so much for this last minute treat. I had a BALL!


  1. Fun! Did you not see it with us in Galveston that year? Maybe you weren't there. So good! My new roomie, Mandy, is going tonight! Love you lady.

  2. Hey girl! Check out my blog - I gave you a blog award!

  3. What a lot of fun!! and what a great friend!!

  4. It was a blast- wasn't it!? I'm still telling everyone how much fun we had:) Thanks for going with me at the last minute!