Monday, September 21, 2009

Best & Worst Dressed: Emmy's 2009

Hello, and welcome to this year's Emmy Best and Worst List! It's become kind of a tradition here on my blog that I list my faves the morning after all the major award shows. This year's Emmy did not give me any shortage of material.

For instance, I don't know who this is or why she was invited to the Emmy's but I am worried about her.

Tina, the reigning queen of the Emmy awards had a simple dress but the back was just lovely!

Are those arrows?!?

Sarah McLachlan. She sounded beautiful when she sang but I don't know what is going on here. This is just awkward.

Sandra Oh, or Dr. Cristina Yang look GORGEOUS in this gold. Her hair was beautiful too. It's nice to see her in something other than scrubs!

I don't know who this is. Her dress is pretty but I feel like it is something that you would wear to the Oscars.

I also don't know who this is but is this really necessary? I feel like we're going a bit overboard here.

Sweet Mariska. My dear darling Detective Olivia Benson. She looked beautiful and her necklace was to die for.

This is one of the Gossip Girls and her hair and makeup were perfection.

I have mixed feelings about the marshmallows on her shoulders.

Kyra & Kevin. Kyra has a great figure and always wears great lines on the red carpet. However, I feel like this dress would've been better for her in shades of blue. I think it is a bit late 80's early 90's with the dress in Blush & Bashful.

Kate Walsh = Stunning.

Jennifer Love Hewitt likes the yellows. Pretty dress, I like the cut.

JENNA! Rockin it in the black!!

I heart her hair.

January Jones is beautiful and the cut of the dress is just lovely but the bodice reminded me of something one would wear if the Emmy's were held on the moon.

I don't know who this is but I would suggest that she a) stop doing that and b) not wear that dress ever again. Ever.

Heidi Klum. WOW. Talk about a BUMP!

Why is Hayden so pretty? Why? She is so beautiful.

I loved how her dress looked from the back.

Ginnifer: Loved the color of the dress. Loved the necklace. Hated the cut of the dress and I am not into her current hair style.

Drew: Pretty dress but I felt like the color washed her out some.

Debra: Usually Debra knows that the red heads need to rock the jewel tones. I liked this dress but I felt like it would've been beautiful in an emerald green or a plum. This red does nothing for her.

Christina Applegate: Your thoughts? I can't decide how I feel.

Kristin Chenoweth: Arguably the most talented woman in Hollywood. ADORABLE.

Inappropriate. For such a stunning girl, she could've looked unbelievable. But this dress was not good. Not good.

Dr. Bailey!! I would've loved this dress on her if it was without the flowers on the bottom. She looks gorgeous though.

Angela from the Office. How tiny is she!? I love her hair and the color is nice.
Amy Poehler and husband Will Arnett. Funniest couple in Hollywood. She looked pretty.
Alyson Hannigan was the prettiest I've ever seen her. GREAT hair and GREAT dress!
That's all folks! Share your thoughts and opinions please!


  1. Didn't get to watch the Emmy's but LOVED your recap! Some of those dresses were awful!!! But I loved them... I kind of think that Christina A could actually pull off that dress... I really liked the color.

  2. So fun! Thanks for the recap Jen. I didn't watch them either but its fun to see all the dresses. I had no idea Amy Poeler (sp?) was married to that guy. So funny.

  3. ha ha some of these are so funny! I love Heidi Klum's, pregnancy suits her and she is so pretty. Some of them, oh my word tacky!!! I honestly can't believe they leave their house like that!

  4. I knew that you were meant to be my friend when I read the Steel Magnolias "blush and bashful" reference.

  5. Very good. I was watching last night and thinking how much I was looking forward to your recap today.

    btw, the girl you said you didn't know who she was but she should a)stop doing that b)...etc she is the voice of Lois on Family Guy. :) I agree with your statement...just sayin that is who she is.

  6. Jenn,

    I love your comments. They are so funny! I agree that Allison and Jennifer love hewitt were the prettiest ones! I loved their dresses and their hair. As far as the obviously CRAZY woman who wore that Barak Obama dress....borderline cultish if you ask me.

  7. Thanks for the recap! I missed the Emmys too, so it was so nice to see the fashion highlights of the evening. I actually did like Christina Applegate's dress. I agree with you about Debra's. The red of her dress competed with her hair color. And I loved Alyson Hannigan's look. She looked gorgeous! Oh, and are we sure Heidi Klum isn't having twins!?! Seriously, that bump looks like multiples.

  8. This ---> "Sweet Mariska. My dear darling Detective Olivia Benson" made me laugh so hard! DITTO!
    And as for Sarah McG., we'll forgive the dress - all she has to do is sing.

    And lastly, your 'marshmallow' comment has caused me to crave s'mores :)