Monday, October 5, 2009


Today has been less than awesome.

My husband has been sick all day with the flu. High grade fever, just all together yucky. And then he found out that his friend he was with all weekend has the swine flu. So that's neat.

I've been feeling a bit blah and my allergies are all flaring up. I have been avoiding my husband because I don't want to get his sickness.

And I've really really needed a hug today from him.

Ya know why?

Cause tonight I had planned to let the cat out of the bag. Tonight I was going to announce to y'all that we found a TOTALLY COOL, TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL house and all that jazz. I was just waiting for it to pass inspection.

Um.... it didn't pass inspection.

Not even close.

I spent the better part of the day sneezing while following an inspector around trying to understand this mumbo jumbo. Grant is all sick in bed and I was left with the task of talking to the inspector. After about an hour I realized it was a bunch of "this is not good" and "this will cost 1 million dollars to fix" and "the house is going to fall down on your head in the middle of the night" and "I hope you don't mind showering in freezing cold water". And it was not the news I wanted to hear.

So now we are back to square one. Back to the drawing board. Thankfully, we were protected from buying a home that would have been a bad investment. The Lord protected us from something that would not have been good for us. I am just sad though. And tired.

I just cleaned the kitchen. So some progress has been made today. Everything else has been a giant step backwards.

Pity party is now over. Thank you for attending.

Love y'all....


  1. Oh Jen I am so so sorry. I thought I was opening a blog about FALL, and was SO SO sad to see that your inspection didn't go through. I am glad that the LORD protected you from buying that house. He gave you a very clear answer with that house. Praying as you start again.

  2. So sorry, Jen. I remember how stressful that whole process is!
    You know what house WILL pass inspection? Yep, you got it... the one across the street from us with a pool!! ;)
    Hang in there, Chica.

  3. I just wrote you a huge message on gmail about our housebuying experience. We love you. It does work out after all. I promise. :)

  4. I'm sorry for the big disappointment. Remember my remedy is always CHOCOLATE!!! I love you!

  5. I agree that its sad to not be able to get a hug from the hubbie. Hope Grant feels better!

  6. First off, I am sorry that your hubby is sick! Praying that you don't get it and he gets well soon. Secondly, I am sorry the house didn't work, but the Lord was protecting you, and I don't know about you but that would have made it less attractive to me! :) The right house is out there for you, hang in there!