Friday, November 13, 2009

I Have Confidence

I would like to take a moment to personally thank my 10 commenters who made me laugh my ever-loving head off. I don't know who takes the cake, but I think it is a toss up between Nat who wondered how they get the corn to stick on the cob and Jennifer who said hello to a woman who ended up being her own reflection in a mirror. You have made me feel better about myself. I think I'm going to save this post for a rainy day... a rainy day when Grant is laughing at me for something stupid that I said/did. I will direct him to the comments in my previous post and prove to him that I am not the only one.

For those of you (Kelli) who declared that it was not fair that Lindsee did not have to comment on her blonde moments... I will respond to that with this: Sometimes someone will tell a joke and everyone will laugh, including Lindsee. Then, about 2 minutes later, Lindsee starts busting out laughing for some unknown reason. Well, it is unknown to most people, but I know that she is laughing because she just now got the joke.

Also, when we used to play Mario Kart at our old lakehouse, when Lindsee got the Mushroom thing that makes your cart go faster, she would proudly exclaim "Oooh yay! I got a GO-y GO-y!" (Pronounced like Joey Joey but replace the J sound with a G sound).

And as I've said here before... Lindsee has her own language. When her allergies are flaring up... she isn't allergic, she is allergetic. I guess that means her allergies are very energetic. Who knows...

In other news, my husband comes home today! Grant has been out of town all week in Dallas. I am very ready to see him. Thankfully I have stayed busy but I've missed him. My feet get cold and he always absolutely loves it when I put my cold feet on him in the middle of the night and I have not had a foot warmer for a few days. I bet he has missed it as well.... I bet he has been in his swanky W Hotel room falling asleep and thinking to himself... "Ya know.. I am almost asleep right now and it would be awesome if Jen were here to put her ice cube feet on me".

However, Thursday night TV is a sacred thing in our household and Grant made me promise him that I wouldn't watch the shows without him. What was I to do with my Thursday night if I'm not watching TV?

Well first, I got to enjoy a impromptu dinner with my mom, my sister, my niece and my nephew. And then, in an attempt to win the little girl over through bribery and chocolate, I bought Grace a cookie. She jumped up and down. Then she proceeded to eat all the M&M's out of the cookie FROM THE TOP OF THE COOKIE... she didn't bite the cookie from the sides, she gnawed the M&M's out of the cookie one by one from the top... then ate the rest of the cookie. I may do that with my M&M cookies from this point forward.

Then, I came home and CLEANED MY FORSAKEN HOUSE. I swept and mopped the floors. I folded the pile of laundry that has been staring at me for 2 days. I wiped down the bathroom counters. I threw away stuff in the fridge that needed to be thrown away. I unloaded the dishwasher.

Then, I spent some wonderful time in the Word.... I did alot of reading and continued with my Beth Moore book on David. Love it.

Then, I made some hot tea and read a magazine and then I went to bed with my Moxie dog snuggled up by my side.

It was a loverly evening....

One more blonde moment for you.... one of the things Grant was going to do this week was go to something called the TEPA Conference.... I spent a good 11 minutes trying to guess what TEPA stood for.... he especially liked my "Texas Entrepreneur Professionals of America" and "The Electrical Political Association" and "Texas Electrical & Petroleum Engineers"...... he really liked that last one since the words I said make an acronym of TEPE. For the record, it is Texas Electricity Professionals Association. I got that one eventually.


  1. i had so much fun with you. when jer asked grace about the cookie she said "jenny buy it for me". Oh, how she loves you and oh, how i love you as well. See you tomorrow at the wedding! xoxo
    ps- cracking up at the cold feet thing :)

  2. Now all I am doing today at the office is imagining myself screaming "Joey, Joey!" at Mario Kart as opposed to "Goey, Goey!" And it is making me laugh so hard.