Monday, November 2, 2009

October is Over

I have to admit, I am glad October is over. October was not a very good month for me. Here's to hoping that November is a little bit nicer.

November is already looking up. Yesterday I made some pumpkin bread that is just delicious and also my house is clean and also we got an extra hour of sleep (Holla!) and also November brings turkey and stuffing. Any month that contains a holiday that solely focuses on food is amazing in my book.

Do you want to know what I did this weekend? Well, I worked till 7:00 on Friday (boo) and then had a late dinner date with Grant and then on Saturday I slept in and picked up the dry cleaning and then I went to lunch with my mom and then I shopped at Target (PRAISE THE LORD) and then I watched Grace & Dean (aka Little Red Riding Hood and Superman) trick or treat and then I ate my mom's chili and visited with Lindsee and then on Sunday I went to church and then I went to lunch and then I went to DSW and then I went to Charming Charlie's and then I went to the grocery store and then I came home and then I made cookies and then I made pumpkin bread and then I cooked dinner and then I watched a funny show with Grant and then I folded the laundry and then I went to bed.

Somewhere, the President of the Run-On-Sentence Haters of America Club just passed out from the agony of the above paragraph.

The weather has been just beautiful lately. So cool and crisp and sunny and my allergies are having a ball. Claritin and Puffs-to-Go are my best friends for fall. Well, both of those items as well as a periwinkle scarf I purchased at Charming Charlie yesterday. Best friends forever.

Okay, this has been the world's most pointless blog post. In summary, it appears I love November already (as we are all the way onto day 2) due to the coldness, the extra hour of sleep, the shopping that has taken place as well as the promise of fattening food. I am full of family values.

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  1. I LOVE your random, no nothin', posts! They make my day and make me laugh SO hard!!! Thank you, for that! I think, it is time, for another girls night dinner!!!