Tuesday, December 15, 2009

That's the Christmas Spirit!

There are entirely too many people out on the roads. TOO MANY PEOPLE.

Now, I know that I live in the great city of Houston, population 4 million+. Traffic is to be expected on our congested little highways.

But the parking lots. The check-out aisles at grocery stores. The restaurants. It makes me claustrophobic and angry.

CAN WE ALL JUST GET OUR CALENDARS TOGETHER AND DIVIDE UP SOME TIMES? I mean I think that 50% of us can go to dinner at a restaurant while the other 50% of us stay home and cook dinner since that is better economically and everything.

Also, the good folks at Kroger can only handle so many people at one time. They are not capable of overflow cause then one by one you start hearing "I'm gonna take my break!" and the only person left is the sweet guy who bags the groceries and he is darling, but he is also very deaf and he can only do so much lip reading. When I start in on the whole, "I have 3 coupons.... and also put the cold stuff in the plastic bags and the dry stuff in paper bags...... I know that is not green and y'all want me to use these cloth bags but that ain't happenin..... cause I'm lazy, oh wait those aren't my lemons, and that is NOT my cottage cheese.... but the peanut M&M's are mine" gets a little lost on poor Andrew.

I mean people are acting like it's Christmastime or something.



  1. First of all, Missy, your problem lies in that you still shop at Kroger. I really don't love Kroger It's pretty much like that any time of year in the evening time. It's the "afterwork crowd" HEB however has a ton of checkers and just general all 'round awesomeness. I've been trying for ages to get my mom to switch too.

    Very well described btw!

    Merry Christmas! :)

  2. I have sworn to myself that next year...purchase a present a month so that by December I don't have a ton of errands to run!!

  3. That is for sure one thing I do not miss about living in a big city! Although I will be adding to the madness next week when I come home for Christmas. Anthropologie here I come!!

  4. Amen sister.

    I made the mistake of going to Macy's today for some mascara. Me and the other 4 million people in Houston all at Macy's together. It was insane.

  5. I could not have said it better myself! Maybe it's because we both live in H-town, but I kind of think it's everywhere. I'm tired of battling crowds at the mall, grocery store, getting my oil changed, post office, etc. The hoards of people make me nervous and anxious, and I constantly have to tell myself to be patient. You're onto something with the calendar system - I'm totally on board!