Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Grateful Epiphany

I've never seen anything like it.

Today, I witnessed a man yell at his wife with a tone and aggression that made me sick to my stomach.

The cursing, the unnecessary insults, the sheer volume of his tirade was all kinds of disrespectful and inappropriate.

And in that moment I thanked the Lord for my Grant, who has never ever come within 10,000 miles of that with me. Even when I say "we had a fight", it isn't really a fight. It's just a disagreement that resulted in a lengthy discussion. But we weren't fighting. Not after what I saw today.

I've been really naive to think that marriages like that don't exist, because thankfully I've never had anything even close to that in my environment.

Thank You, Lord, that our "fights" never escalate to such destructive words. Thank You, Lord, that my husband treats me like a daughter of God and honors me.


  1. Oh Amen to that!! I have seen some things these days that make me beyond thankful for Chris!

  2. Amen girlfriend. I hear you. I have felt that way, so grateful for the man God gave me. We got good ones!