Monday, March 15, 2010

I Had a Diet Coke Yesterday

Yesterday marked exactly one month since my last Diet Coke.

So, I celebrated.

By having a Diet Coke.

We went out to lunch with some friends after church.

It was Mexican food.

At Chuy's.

Did you know that my first date with Grant was at Chuy's?

Different location.

But still, I was all overwhelmed with emotion.

And there were chips on the table.

And the man asked me what I wanted and I said "Diet Coke".

Now, I only had ONE glass.... no refills. The rest of the time I drank water.

So how did it taste?

You know the videos they show on the news when a soldier comes home from war? Where the family is standing there with a sign that says "Welcome Home!" and then they run and hug and cry?

Well it was kinda like that.

Diet Coke is the family running to hug me.

And I am the soldier.


  1. I cannot imagine the agony of giving of Diet Pepsi and I might have to soon; I inexplicably have highest cholesterol and I think the only trigger food I consume in large quantity is, gulp, the wonderfully high sodium Diet Pepsi.
    Good luck, my friend.

  2. BAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA

  3. Welcome home, soldier.
    Hope you had a good leave.

  4. I can only imagine how good that first sip was! So glad you were able to enjoy your moment!