Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm Feeling Very Bloggy This Week

I don't know what my deal is but I'm just all bloggity.

I don't really even have anything all that interesting to say.

But I just feel like I need to blog some things.

I need to communicate with my people.

And let me tell you what is happening right now in my ever-so-exciting "newlywed" life. (Again, I submit to you people that I need to make a name change as 3 years and 4 months isn't really a newlywed anymore but for some reason y'all are passionately against it).

Back to the very important issue at hand: what I'm doing right now.

It is 9:31 at night. It is 9:31 on a Friday night, to be specific.

I am laying in bed, listening to my playlist entitled "Relax Jen" and Moxie dog is curled up by my feet. Currently playing is "Choose" by Christy Nockels. Up next is "Oceans Apart" by Jim Brickman. I've got Twitter open. I've got Facebook open. I've got Blogger open. And most importantly, I've got Solitaire open.

I enjoyed the pepperoni rolls from Double Dave's that Grant brought home for dinner. We ate them while we watched COPS. We love to watch COPS. Have they made a new episode of COPS in the last 12 years? I feel like every show we watch had to have been filmed in 1993. The clothes, y'all. The clothes.

I should also admit that when Grant came home with pizza rolls at 7:50 he woke me up from my nap.

Because I am 83 years old.



  1. It sounds like your having a "queen" moment. If only you were laying on a blow-up mattress in the living room watching "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" Love it.

  2. Sometimes nights like that are just needed!

  3. That sounds like a perfect evening to me, too!