Monday, April 19, 2010

Shredding and Goals and Other Exhausting Things

Here I am, on a Monday evening, sitting on the couch after a long, long work day. Followed by a night at the gym. Followed by a "30 Day Shred" session.

I hate the 30 Day Shred. It's stupid. Jillian is constantly telling me I can do it, and I don't believe her. And I really don't care for Anita who does the modified version. Anita is insulting because based on the body that she so proudly shows in her little green sports bra, it is clear that Anita could be doing the regular version of the work-out but they asked her to do the modified version and she just laughed and said okay. I always like the work-out videos that have a slightly over-weight woman doing the modified version. I feel like she and I are in this together. Anita is just mocking me.

Anyhoo, I've been a bit more determined lately, trying to be a bit more disciplined in many areas of my life. I've been seriously lacking when it comes to chores. I washed some clothes and dried them on Thursday and they sat in a laundry basket all weekend.

I'm sharing with all of you my discipline goals:

1. CHORES. I want to make them a bigger priority in my life. Digging through a laundry basket full of clean clothes trying to find socks is not fun.

2. EXERCISE. Despite my general dislike of sports bras, I am trying to make myself more consistent in my exercise routine. Jillian and her Shredding are getting on my last nerve, but boy do I feel it.

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY: PRAYER. Prayer prayer prayer. And spending time with the Word EVERY DAY. Every. Day. This is the hardest one for me as I always put this on the back burner.

Let's face it. I've talked alot on this blog over the last 3 years about my constant struggle with laziness. My love of being horizontal, not vertical. Thankfully, I have an amazing woman in my life who is holding me accountable and praying for me as I'm trying to re-focus myself and start getting my rear in gear.

What about you? Do you have any disciplinary goals?


  1. Those are the exact same things I need to be more disciplined in, too!

  2. Ha - you make me laugh
    girl I am also do the Shred and I am on day 5
    I personally do not like Natalie b/c she smiles through the whole thing doing the hard version as if to say "oh this is nothing"
    she and Jillian just make me want to jump through the screen with a smack attack!
    Just sayin'
    But day 5 was so much better!
    Oh and 3 MORE days!!

  3. I've done that 30 day Shred workout, and I SO don't know what you're talking about b/c I think it's SUPER easy!
    You DO believe me, right??!! I totally never lie...;)