Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Do My Morning Bible Study Wearing a Leopard Print Snuggie

I don't think that's a problem or anything, I just feel like I needed to share.

Because it's bizarre.

Because I'm bizarre.

I just sit there and read my Bible and spend my morning prayer time in the comfort of my snuggie. My leopard print snuggie. Cause it's warm and my arms can be free.

That was a wonderful tidbit of information, wasn't it?

Moving on.

I was at a meeting at a client's office today and I got a text that said "It is sooooo hot outside!!". I wrote back "I know, right?!? And also, who is this?". They never wrote back.

Maybe I should just start texting my feelings, emotions and opinions to random phone numbers.

Some random stay at home mom in Philadelphia will get a text from me that says "Traffic is horrible today!". Or perhaps a teenager in Orlando will receive a message that says "I love macaroni and cheese and I always will" or "Gia from the Bachelor Pad has a weird mouth, don't you agree?"

Could be fun.

Now for the heart of this post.... I have a challenge for you people.

I need you to find me some shoes.

I know all of you have nothing better to do with your time and you're free as a bird and aren't busy whatsoever so clearly I am going to get a huge response from this. The tens of you who read this will overwhelm me with options, I'm sure.

I need some black heels for work. And I can't find them.

These are the requirements:

1. They must be black

2. They must be heeled

3. The heel can't be too high. 3 inches is probably the maximum.

4. I don't think I want patent leather, unless the shoe is to die for.

5. I'd like for them to cost $75 or less.

6. The hardest part.... IT HAS TO BE IN A SIZE 5.

Ok, go. I'm waiting on the edge of my seat.

I may or may not be wearing a snuggie right now.


  1. I totally have the other problem! How about I give you a size off of my 11 and make me a 10 and you a 6!!

  2. I don't know what to do about your shoe issue, but I think you should text random people throughout the day.

  3. Hi Jen: Totally love reading your blog. Coming out of lurk-dom :)
    have you tried Cinderella of Boston? I have small feet too and have found some heels here..there's not a huge selection, and some look like "matronly" shoes, but hey, you might find a pair you might like!


  4. Ok. I, too, follow you anonymously like a creeper but you're hysterical! With that said, I live in Clear Lake and we have a Rack Room Shoes out near us. Not resale just cheap great shoes. I bought some black point-toed heels there for $40 for graduation a few years ago and only this year did a dog finally chew them up; however, they were the most comfortable shoes I had and I, too, am a size 5. Bonus! Good luck!!

  5. you make me smile so much. i feel like i say that anytime i comment but it's just so true! loved this post.