Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things You Should Know About My Weekend

1. I knew ahead of time that it was going to be awesome because Grant's parents were coming to town! We hadn't seen them since Christmas so this was a long overdue visit. They arrived late Thursday night (they drove from New Orleans) and we pretty much went straight to bed as soon as they got here safely.

2. Friday I had to work so Grant's mom visited a friend that lives in town while Grant and his dad played golf.

3. I worked till 6:30 and met them for dinner at Yardhouse. If you live in the Houston area, YOU NEED TO GO TO YARDHOUSE. It's probably one of our top 5 favorite restaurants. There is a creamy tomato bisque that makes me all emotional.

4. Saturday we went to a baby shower for my cousin Katie and I got to see Grace, Scarlett, and Juliet. They were in matching purple twirly dresses and it was a bit too much for me to handle. (If you're new to Jen the Newlywed, you can see photos of Grace, Scarlett, and Juliet in the sidebar to your right). There was strawberry cake there and I was just thrilled about that.

5. After the shower, Grant's mom and I went to the outlet mall in Cypress. This was her first time there and we had an excellent time. We shopped while the boys played golf for the second time.

6. Something happened while we were there that I will now refer to as "The Shoe Incident of 2011". I'm slightly embarassed and also slightly proud to say that I came home with FIVE pairs of shoes yesterday. FIVE. Please pray for me. I couldn't stop myself.

7. Grant's mom got a jacket in Chico's that was normally $60.00 for FIVE DOLLARS AND NINETY-NINE EVER-LOVING CENTS.


9. We were so exhausted from all the successful shopping that we just came home, ordered pizza, and watched a movie with the boys. We watched "Life As We Know It" with Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. Super cute movie.

10. Yesterday morning when I woke up I realized that I was losing my voice. Not sure why...I wasn't shouting/singing/sick/congested or anything but my voice was going. This normally wouldn't bother me too much except for the fact that I knew I was singing a MAJOR song on Sunday morning at church that requires me to have my voice "full-throttle" if you will. I went on vocal rest for Saturday night and prayed that when I woke up Sunday morning it would all be alright.

11. When I woke up this morning, it wasn't alright.

12. I prayed in the shower that God would give me just enough voice to make it through my song.

13. The first run-through of the song did not go so well.

14. Something happened around 9:00 (30 minutes before the service) and, although still quite raspy, I could hit all my notes and with just enough power!

15. Jesus is worthy of all glory, honor and praise.

16. I love to sing.

17. After church, we took Grant's parents to the Cadillac Bar for brunch and JEN PUT DOWN SOME FOOD. The amount of food at their brunch is overwhelming and wonderful and I can refuse nothing. I want it all, thank you very much.

18. I love Diet Coke.

19. After that, we had to give hugs and kisses and say goodbye :( We know that Mom & Dad have to get home safe and get on the road early, but we sure love having them here. They are such a blessing!

20. I drove to the hospital to hold my new little friends, twin boys Marco and Massimo. My friend Laura just had her baby boys on Friday afternoon. She now has THREE little boys!! They are so so precious and they look just alike. I loved snuggling with them and visiting with Laura and Sergio. Such beautiful baby boys... what a gift!

21. After that I took my friend Liz her birthday present and some coffee from Starbucks. We sat in her living room and chatted about our weekends while sipping coffee and playing with her baby girl, Lily. It was such a nice afternoon :)

22. Then I came home and began my Sunday evening date with the couch, a blanket, and the remote. ME LOVE IT.

23. Had a long, fun talk with my BFF Lindsee this evening. She is all kinds of wonderful.

24. I'm laying in bed, blogging to you people and I am ever so comfy.

25. THAT IS MORE THAN ANY OF YOU PLANNED ON READING AND I APOLOGIZE. I'm gonna go stare at my FIVE new pairs of shoes now.


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  1. You just might have to snap a picture of those five glorious pairs of shoes and share them! The outlet mall = my happy place. I have to admit that I jot down every restaurant that you mention on the blog! There's nothing better than a recommendation for a bisque that makes you get all emotional-- that is obviously a must-try. Glad you had a great weekend!